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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cowboy Comics: unknown artists part 1

When The Thriller Libraries was being compiled, there were a number of artists that we were unable to identify. There were a number of surviving payment records, but these often referred only to the studio or agency that was paid, so identifying the individual artists was often a case of recognising a particular artist's style.

A handful eluded us—us being myself and Team David: David Ashford, David Roach and David Slinn—but in some cases we were at least able to link a number of strips together as coming from the same brush.

I have a number of examples which I will post over the coming few days... hopefully some of my sharp-eyed readers will be able to spot the artists and reveal their names.

Here's the first: an artist who worked for Vale Studios.

Kit Carson and the Chief's Daughter (Cowboy Comics 86, Oct 1953)
Kit Carson and the River of Death (Cowboy Comics 88, Nov 1953)
Kit Carson and the War-Paint Bandits (Cowboy Comics 92, Jan 1954)
Buck Jones and the Witch Doctor's Plot (Cowboy Comics 93, Feb 1954)
Kit Carson and the General's Son (Cowboy Comics 96, Mar 1954)
Kit Carson and the Battle of Dead End Canyon (Cowboy Comics 98, Apr 1954)
Buck Jones and the Dynamite Trail (Cowboy Comics 99, May 1954)
Kit Carson Fights the Trouble Mongers (Cowboy Comics 108, Aug 1954)
Buck Jones to the Rescue (Cowboy Comics 113, Nov 1954)
The Men of the Mounties (Cowboy Comics 114, Nov 1954)
Kit Carson and the Buffalo Express (Cowboy Comics 125, Mar 1955)

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