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Monday, June 15, 2015

Cowboy Comics unknown artists part 2

In The Thriller Libraries we designated this artist "Unknown Artist [A]". Oddly, he had started life as Unknown Artist [Z] on my original index listings. (I'm filling... I have very little to say!)

Whoever this was, this was almost certainly their first work for the Amalgamated Press and were probably hired to fill the pages of Kit Carson, an Australian cowboy comic created by the A.P. because they could not launch any new titles in  the UK and the paper shortage meant no copies were available to export.

The artist only made a half-dozen contributions and it seems likely that they were dropped once a larger pool of artists was established for Cowboy Comics by editor Ted Holmes. He seemingly didn't appreciate the artwork, and had another artist redraw some of the strips. John Compari drew additional art for only a handful of titles but never seems to have drawn a whole strip himself.

Kit Carson Meets Lord Clarence (Kit Carson 14, Dec 1950)
Kit Carson and the Stolen Ranch (Kit Carson 15, Feb 1951; reprinted, Cowboy Comics 22, Feb 1951)
Kit Carson and the Trail of Terror (Cowboy Comics 24, Mar 1951; reprinted, Kit Carson 18, May 1951)
Kit Carson and the Big Clean-Up (Kit Carson 29, Apr 1952, with additional art by J. Compari)
Kit Carson and the Outlaw Tribe (Cowboy Comics 58, Aug 1952, with additional art by J. Compari; reprinted, Kit Carson 34, Sep 1952)
Kit Carson Breaks the Tyrant (Cowboy Comics 62, Oct 1952, with additional art by J. Compari; reprinted, Kit Carson 36, Nov 1952)

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