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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jeff Hawke's Cosmos v.9 no.2

The new issue of Jeff Hawke's Cosmos (Volume 9 Number 2, May 2014, released June) has arrived, containing three more of the latter-era Jeff Hawke yarns from his Lance McLean days—the strip by then running as Lance McLane in the Scottish Daily Record but syndicated under the more familiar name of Jeff Hawke.

The three strips in the latest issue take the story from December 1981 to January 1983, so it's a substantial volume, as always. 'Time-Out' concerns time travel from a base near to the pyramids of Giza with Jeff finding himself in trouble in the matriarchal society of the 22nd century. 'Home Is The Sailor' begins with the disappearance of a honeymooning bride on Mars and continues with revelations of what happened to the lost Martian race. Finally, in 'Frozen Assets' Hawke faces genetically engineered soldiers planning to take over the planet using weapons hidden in space junk orbiting the Earth.

This is the first time these strips have been back in print for many years, so they're well worth the price of entry alone. Adding to the magazine's value, editor William Rudling continues to run a variety of features, from Duncan Lunan's story notes and astronomy features to Andrew Darlington's features on old space heroes, in this instance looking back at the old British comic Rocket.

Rudling has plans to reprint a number of special volumes and may be adding to the publications list of the Jeff Hawke Club. Subscription rates are £26 for three issues here in the UK and £34/38/41 for overseas subscribers, payable in a variety of ways. You can find more details (and back issues) at the new Jeff Hawke Club web page or by contacting william AT

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