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Boys' World Artists and Authors

Artists and Authors who contributed to Boys' World (1963-64). The following listing does not cover the Boys' World Annual, although an expanded listing can be found in my book Boys' World: Ticket to Adventure.

As with all these lists, I've provided links to various notes on the creators; no link usually means either: (a) there's plenty of information already out there; (b) I've not gotten around to writing them up; or (c) I looked and couldn't find anything.

A. Carney Allan
Angus P. Allan
George Allen
Colin Andrew
Donne Avenell
D. Ball
J. H. Batchelor
Robert Bateman
Leo Baxendale
Barrington J. Bayley
Frank Bellamy (Wikipedia)
J. Benbow
Luis Bermejo (Wikipedia)
Harry Bishop
Brian Blake
Sydney J. Bounds
George Bowe
Charles Bowen
Peter Bruce (see Peter Wallage)
Bernard Buley
C. Bulman
Bob Bunkin
E. H. Burke
John M. Burns (Wikipedia)
C. Maxwell Cade
Percy A. Clarke
Anthony Clarkson
Ian Colman
A. J. Cosser
Graham Coton
E. G. Cowan
Alan Crisp
Roy Cross
Henry Crystall
John Cunningham
Marie Dainton
A. W. Dalby-Phillips
Gino D'Antonio (Wikipedia [Italy])
John Davies
Roland Davies
Anthony Davis
Jon Davis
Leo Davy
Neville Dear
G. de Courcy
Rex Dolphin
J. I. Dopson
Paul Duncan
Jim Edgar
C. F. Eidlestein (see Frank Langford)
Gerry Embleton (Wikipedia)
Ron Embleton (Wikipedia)
Bill Evans
Roland Fiddy
George Fisher
T. Fishlock
D. Fletcher
R. K. Forster
Chris Fowler
Colin Gibson
Giorgio Giorgetti
J. W. Gosden
Anthony Greenbank
D. Greenfield
Arthur Groom
D. Gunston
Thomas Hardie
E. Harper
David C. Harris
Harry Harrison
Gerry Haylock
D. Hodgson
(Miss) D. M. Holdsworth
Laurence Houghton
(Sgt.) Joe Humphrey
Frank Humphris
Artie Jackson
Alan Jessett
George Johnston
Bill Keal
Reg Keep
Henry John Keevill
James Kenner
Eric Kincaid
(Mrs.) F. Kingsford
Bill Lacey
Frank Langford
Don Lawrence (Wikipedia)
Douglas Leach
Brian Lewis
David Lewis (see D. Hodgson)
Harry Lindfield
Paul Lipkowitz
Derek Long
John Ludlow
James E. McConnell
A. G. Maclean
John McLusky (Wikipedia)
Wilfred McNeilly
Bill Mainwaring
R. H. Mason
Ken Mennell
J. R. Milsome
William Mitchell
Elaine Moon
Kenneth Moon
Michael Moorcock
Chris Moore
David R. Motton
C. Murphy
Peter Newark
Will Nickless
Pat Nicolle
G. Norris
Alexander Oliphant
Jose Ortiz (Wikipedia)
Gerald Palmer
A. G. B. Parlett
Reg Parlett (Wikipedia)
Willie Patterson
Frank S. Pepper
Edwin Phillips
Garcia Pizarro
Doris Pocock
N. Powell
George R. Ratcliff
Basil Reynolds
E. L. Rosman
Martin Salvador
Ian Smith
Walter J. Smith
D. R. Stephens
George Stokes
Dick Tatham
Derek Taylor
John W. Taylor
Patricia Taylor
Colin Thomas
Phillip Townsend
Paul Trevillion (Wikipedia)
D. B. Tucker
Tom Tully
Ron Turner
Alf Wallace
Peter Wallage
Alan Ward
Keith Watson (Wikipedia)
G. Wheeler
Paul Wheeler
C. J. White
J. Williams
J. M. Wilson
Harry Winslade
Brian Woodford
P. T. York

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