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Peter Newark

Peter D. Newark was born in West Ham in 1931, the son of George W. Newark and Ella M. Finch, who were married in West Ham in 1928. He married Olive Yates in 1957.

Newark was a regular contributor to Boys' World in 1963-64, especially the one-off "Hand of Fate" and "Ticket to Adventure" series.

He began writing for Commando with Born to Fly (224, 1966) and wrote a total of 21 stories, ending with Shooting Star (483) in 1970. Quite a few of his stories were reprinted in the mid- to late-1970s and one—Clash of Aces—was again reprinted very recently, #4326 in September 2010, as part of Commando's season of flying adventures, and in the collection Commando: Aces High!, also published in 2010.

Peter Newark now runs a historical picture library, The Historical Picture Service, based in Brentwood, Essex. His son, Tim, is also a journalist and historian, having written his first book, Medieval Warfare (Jupiter, 1979), whilst still at school.


The Crimson Book of Pirates. London, Jupiter Books, 1978.
The Crimson Book of Highwaymen. London, Jupiter Books, 1979.
Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Old West. London, Andre Deutsch, 1980.
Cowboys. London, Bison Books, 1982; Greenwich, CN, Bison, 1983.
"Who Dares Wins" Annual 1983. Grandreams, 1983.
The S.A.S. Annual 1984. Grandreams, 1984.
Pioneers. New York, N.Y., Gallery Books, 1984.
The Old West: An illustrated history of cowboys and indians, with Robin May. Greenwich, CN, Bison, 1984.
Sabre & Lance: An illustrated history of the cavalry. Poole, Blandford, 1987.
Firefight! The history of personal firepower. Newton Abbot, David & Charles, Aug 1989.

Born to Fly, art by Victor Hugo Arias. Commando 224, Aug 1966.
Lone Sabre, art by Gordon Livingstone. Commando 226, Aug 1966.
Last Stand, art by Matias Alonso. Commando 230, Sep 1966.
The Last Hero, art by Arthur Fleming. Commando 242, Dec 1966.
Hong Kong Hooky, art by Jose de la Fuente. Commando 245, Jan 1967.
The Golden Gun, art by Matias Alonso. Commando 259, Feb 1967.
Atlantic Killer, art by C. T. Rigby. Commando 260, May 1967.
Twice as Tough, art by Sanchis Cortes. Commanado 264, Jun 1967.
Mosquito Ace, art by Gordon Livingstone. Commando 269, Jul 1967.
Clash of Eagles, art by Amador Garcia. Commando 274, Jul 1967.
Jet Menace, art by Amador Garcia. Commando 287, Oct 1967.
War of the Giants, art by Jose Bielsa. Commando 294, Nov 1967.
Hurricane!, art by Repetto. Commando 296, Nov 1967.
Warpath, art by Sanchis Cortes. Commando 303, Dec 1967.
Night Ace, art by Ken Barr. Commando 304, Dec 1967.
Killer from the Sky, art by Repetto. Commando 325, Apr 1968.
Iron Cross Tommy, art by Jose de la Fuente. Commando 351, Aug 1968.
Cossack, art by Victor de la Fuente. Commando 454, Jan 1970.
Black Zero, art by Jose Maria Jorge. Commando 456, Feb 1970.
Clash of Aces, art by Amador Garcia. Commando 465, Mar 1970.
Shooting Star, art by Gordon Livingstone. Commando 483, Jun 1970.


  1. Is that 'Hand of Fate' a Brian Lewis artwork?

  2. Yes. It's an illustration I had to hand from the Boys' World book. I've included a few Brian Lewis illustrations.



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