Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pink Floyd parody Roy of the Rovers

I stumbled across this at the Magforum website... The Pink Floyd Super All-Action Official Music Programme for Boys and Girls, the Pink Floyd 1974 tour programme, which contained a quartet of comic strips, each based on one of the band members. They were all drawn in a different style but the influence of traditional British comics was obvious: the one-page strip featuring Roger Waters was entitled 'Rog of the Rovers' and ... well, if the title wasn't enough you can see from the strip below that it's a Roy of the Rovers parody. Other strips included a war picture library parody and something that might have been based on Tiger's speedway yarn 'Talon of the Track'.

The scans here are from Captain Storm's The Yellowed Pages website – where you can find the rest of the programme. This was from the 1974 UK tour which ended at the Empire Pool, Wembley, on 17 November, before heading out to the USA in 1975, where the programme was also available ... although you have to wonder what Floyd's American fans made of it.

The cover art was by Paul Stubbs but I have to admit that I'm not 100% sure who drew the strips – bar the MAD Magazine/Playboy parody, 'Rich Right', which was signed by Joe Petagno, who also drew the back page. Paul Stubbs and Richard Evans may have been the main artists.

(* scans of other strips here.)

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