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Friday, September 13, 2013

Comic Cuts - 13 September 2013

The big news from Bear Alley is that the Boys' World book is now shipping out and most people should have already received their copies, depending on the reliability of your postal service. And if you think your postal service is poor, remember that yours is nowhere near as bad as that of one of our readers who lives abroad. When I mentioned sending a copy of the book, he warned me that it would probably take three or four weeks to reach him. I get peeved when I have to wait two days for a redelivery.

So my plans to catch up with everything have slipped because I've rushed straight into putting together another book that I'm hoping to have out shortly. It's a collection of strips and the title will be announced shortly. This will be our nineteenth book in just over two and a half years. I'm hoping to have it out within a month but I'm not able to offer a formal release date as I have another article to write before the month is out.

That's about it from me as far as news is concerned.

It has been a poor few weeks for SF authors. Ann Carol Crispin died on Friday, 6 September, aged 63, three days after informing fans via Facebook that she was suffering from terminal cancer and unlikely to survive. She was a prolific writer of novelisations, including both Star Wars and Star Trek tie-ins, although she will probably be best remembered for her adaptations of V, the Kenneth Johnson TV mini-series from the early 1980s. It was an incredibly memorable and this was in the days before video became ubiquitous. Novelisations of TV shows were still hugely popular and I imagine V was a best-seller for Pinnacle (in the US) and New English Library.

The announcement of an ongoing series led Pinnacle to hire a bunch of writers to churn out half a dozen novelisations, which were planned to appear during the appearance of the series on TV. There were something like 17 V novels in all which is almost unheard of for a show that ran to 24 episodes—the original 2-parter, the 3-part V:The Final Battle and a 19-episode series.

Crispin's other credits included the novelisation for Alien: Resurrection, two Witch World novels written with Andre Norton, the 7-volume Starbridge series, co-written with a variety of writers) and—her last novel—Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom.


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