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Lion authors & artists

The following list of creators is derived from the updated index for Lion King of Picture Story Papers compiled by Steve Holland. The list contains the names of 290 creators who contributed to Lion, Lion Holiday Special, Lion & Valiant Holiday Special, Lion Annual or the various spin-off annuals.

Jose Gonzalez Alacreu
Michael Alan
Vincente Alcazar
Mark Aldridge
Angus Allan
Graham Allen
Colin Andrew
P. J. Ashmore
Donne Avenell
John H. Batchelor
Bill Baker
Fred Baker
W. Howard Baker
John Barber
John Barnes (see Peter O’Donnell)
Dino Battaglia
Terry Bave
Leo Baxendale
Barrington Bayley
George Beal
Massimo Belardinelli
H. W. Belfield
Frank Bellamy
Jordi Bernet
John Berry
Alessandro Biffignandi
Derek Birnage
Richard Birnham
Harry Bishop
Jesus Blasco
George Bowe
Eric Bradbury
Leslie Branton
Ray Buckingham
Bob Bunkin
Reg Bunn
John Burns
John M. Burns
Richard Burton
Mike Butterworth
Guido Buzzelli
Renzo Calegari
W. R. Calvert
Geoff Campion
Mario Capaldi
Franco Caprioli
Nino Caroselli
Felix Carrion
G. Casells
John Catchpole
Steve Chapman
Jean-Michel Charlier
John Chester (see A. J. Sullivan)
Reg Clark
Harry Clements (see Frank S. Pepper)
Joe Colquhoun
Dan Colt
Neville Colvin
Harold Connolly
Bruce Cornwell
Sanchis Cortes
Graham Coton
E. George Cowan
Vernon Crick
Carlos Cruz
Francisco Cueto
D. M. Cumming-Skinner
Eric Dadswell
Edwin Dale (see Edward R. Home-Gall)
Sergio D’Amico
F. Daniel
Gino D’Antonio
Roland Davies
Roy Davis
Nigel Dawn
B. F. Deakin
Guy Deakin (see B. F. Deakin)
A. Deam [Miss]
Arthur Deam (see Miss A. Deam)
Neville Dear
Maurice de Bevere
Jose de la Fuente
Ramon de la Fuente
Victor de la Fuente
Jean de Mesmaeker
Arturo Del Castillo
Bob Dexter (see Dave Gregory)
Roberto Diso
John Donnelly
Selby Donnison
C. L. Doughty
Edward Drury
Gerry Embleton
Ron Embleton
D. C. Eyles
Sam Fair
Alfonso Font
A. Forbes
Ronald Forbes
Barry Ford (see Joan Whitford)
John Fordice (see Colin Robertson)
George Forest (see E. George Cowan)
Robert Forrest
Michael Fox
Andre Franquin
G. E. Fredman
Oliver Frey
Kelman Frost
Peter Gallant   
Henry Gamlin
R. Garbutt
Brian Garland
Giorgio De Gaspari
John Gillatt
Alberto Giolitti
Ruggero Giovannini
Peter Glassford
Michael Godfrey
Don J. Gold
Jose Gonzalez
Barry Gordon
Rene Goscinny
Jeff Gould
Gordon Gray
Bernard Greenbaum
David Gregory
Frank Hampson
Derek Hall (see Edward R. Home-Gall)
Leslie Harding
Wilf Hardy
Don Harley
David Harwood
Gerry Haylock
George Heath
Eric Hebden
A. W. Henderson
Alex Henderson
J. H. Higgins
Harry Hollinson, D.F.C.
Edward Holmes
Fred Holmes
Edward R. Home-Gall
Bill Hooper
Cliff Hooper (see A. W. Henderson)
James Hooper
Laurence Houghton
Andrew Howat
Trevor Hugh (see B. F. Deakin)
Jack Hunt
Victor Ibanez
George Ireland
Chic Jack
Peter Jackson
Jidéhem (see Jean De Mesmaeker)
Harold Johns
Geoff Jones
Sydney Jordan
Harry Kaye
Bill Keal
Gary Keane
Ernest Kearon
Geoff Kemp
Ian Kennedy
Tom Kerr
Eric Kincaid
Rex King (see A. W. Henderson)
Brian Knight
Derek Knight (see Peter O’Donnell)
Ronald Knill
Bill Lacey
Tom Laidler
Harold Lamb
Don Lawrence
Frank Lazenby
Garry Leach
Joseph Lee
Brian Leigh (see E. George Cowan)
Roy Leighton (see A. W. Henderson)
Dino Leonetti
Brian Lewis
Cliff Lewis
Les Lilley
Harry Lindfield
Barrie R. Linklater
F. Solano Lopez
Christopher Lowder
Jock McCail
James E. McConnell
Bruce MacDonald
Ernest L. McKeag
Denis McLoughlin
John McLusky
Wilfred McNeilly
Bill Mainwaring
James Malcolm
Alfredo Marcuzzi
Ray Marr (see Wilfred McNeilly)
Bruno Marrafa
John Marshall (see Frank S. Pepper)
Josep Marti
Arthur Martin
Roger Mas (see Roger Masmonteil)
Roger Masmonteil
Fortunino Matania
Duncan Matheson (see D. M. Cumming-Skinner)
Jack Maxwell (see Ernest L. McKeag)
Brian Mead (see Miss A. Deam)
Phillip Mendoza
Ian Mennell
Ken Mennell
Colin Merrett
Phil Millar
Pat Mills
Barrie Mitchell
Jorge Moliterni
Jack Monk
Michael Moorcock
Charles Morgan
Morris (see Maurice de Bevere)
John Mortimer
David Motton
Jose Munoz
Angel Nadal
Barry Nelson (see R. G. Thomas)
Patrick Nicolle
Erio Nicolo
Victor Norman (see E. L. Rosman)
Peter O’Donnell
Brian O’Hanlon
Hedley O’Mant
Kevin O’Neill
Jose Ortiz
Colin Page
Jack Pamby
Eric R. Parker
Reg Parlett
Oliver Passingham
Terry Patrick
Willie Patterson
Jordi Penalva
Frank S. Pepper
F. A. Philpott
Carlos Pino
Angelo Platania
Renato Polese
Allen Pollack
Hugo Pratt
Cyril Price
Roger Protz
Frank Purcell
Miguel Quesada
Juan Rafart
Leo Rawlings
Antoine Raymond
Frank Redpath
Ken Reid
Edmond Ripol
Colin Robertson
Robert Rodger
E. L. Rosman
Mark Ross (see A. J. Sullivan)
Carlos Roume
R. Charles Roylance
Peter Sarson
Antonio Sciotti
Hedley Scott (see Hedley O’Mant)
Keith Shone
Jerry Siegel
Gwen Simmons
Ronald Simmons
Edgar Sinclair
David Slinn
Bernard Smith
Frederick E. Smith
John S. Smith
David Sque
Tom Stirling (see E. L. Rosman)
John Stokes
Alan Stranks
A. J. Sullivan
Rodney Sutton
Ferdinando Tacconi
H. Tamblyn-Watt
Hugh Tempest
R. G. Thomas
T. G. Thursby
Giovanni Ticci
Barrie Tomlinson
Malcolm Tompkins
Paul Trevillion
Giorgio Trevisan
Tom Tully
Albert Uderzo
Loredano Ugolini
Clive Uptton
Adolfo Usero
Bert Vandeput
John Vernon
Vicq (see Antoine Raymond)
Julio Vivas
John Wagner
Alf Wallace
Brian Watson
Keith Watson
Albert Weinberg
Vince Wernham
Mike Western
Bill White
Mike White
Joan Whitford
F. A. Williams
Peter Williams
Neville Wilson
Hal Wilton (see Frank S. Pepper)   
Frank Winsor (see Derek Birnage)
John Woods
Reg Wootton
Dudley Wynn
Nevio Zeccara

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  1. Wow! That's a real Who's Who of British comics during the 1960s. Incidentally, there were TWO John Donnellys - the father was a veteran of Fleetway's nursery comics and later titles such as Speed & Power (though I'm not sure if he contributed to Lion himself). However, the Lion quiz pages that carried that byline were produced by John Donnelly Jnr. while he was still at school.

    Just one example of the many elephant traps hidden in the long grass, just waiting to confuse archivists and genealogical researchers!



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