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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Henry Porter cover gallery

Henry Porter has been a newspaper columnist for many years. According to the biographical sketches in his books, he "has written for most national broadsheet newspapers. He was editor of the Atticus column on the Sunday Times, moving to set up the Sunday Correspondent magazine in 1988. He contributes commentary and reportage to the Guardian, Observer, Evening Standard and Sunday Telegraph. He is the British editor of the American magazine Vanity Fair and divides his time between New York and London."

His novel Brandenburg won the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger for best thriller of 2005 and his journalism earned him a place on the shortlist for the Orwell Prize for Journalism in 2009. A new novel was due in 2012 but the last time I saw it mentioned in one of his Observer features, he was still writing it.

Remembrance Day (Orion, 1999)
Orion 0752-82771-5, 2000. 
---- [2nd imp.] 2002, 482pp, £5.99. Cover photo
Orion 978-0752-82771-1 [5th imp.] n.d. [c.2004], 482pp, £6.99. Cover des. Nick Castle/Getty/Corbis

A Spy's Life (Orion, 2001)
Orion 0752-84806-2, 2002, 469pp, £5.99. Cover photo Getty Images/Adri Berger
Orion 978-1407-22948-5, 2002 [c.2004], 469pp, £6.99. Cover design Nick Castle/Getty/Corbis

Empire State (Orion, 2003)
Orion 978-0752-85892-0, 2004, 455pp, £6.99. Cover des. Nick Castle

Brandenburg (Orion, 2005)
Orion 0752-86494-7, 2006, 564pp, £6.99. Cover photo Getty Images

The Dying Light (Orion, 2009; as The Bell Ringers, New York, Atlantic Monthly Pres, 2009)
Phoenix 978-0753-82797-0, 2010, 519pp, £7.99. Cover photo Plain Picture/Trevillion Images
Phoenix 978-0753-82796-3, 2010, 519pp, £6.99. Cover photo Getty/design blacksheep

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