Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eagle Artists

What follows is a list of artists known to have contributed to Eagle. The comic ran for 987 issues between 1950 and 1969 and with very few official records remaining it is almost inevitable that this list is incomplete. Further information about any of the creators listed below would be very welcome.

Salomon van Abbé (Wikipedia)
Tom Adams
Martin Aitchison (Wikipedia)
D. Alford
Matias Alonso
Gifford Ambler
Colin Andrew
P. J. Ashmore
Robert Ayton
G. William Backhouse
John Batchelor
Frank Bellamy (Wikipedia)
Georgio Bellavitis
Luis Bermejo (Wikipedia)
Harry Bishop
__ Blake
Jesus Blasco [Jesús Blasco] (Wikipedia)
__ Bonner
Wilfred Booth
G. Bowe
Leslie Bowyer
G. Bull
Reg Bunn (Wikipedia)
John M. Burns (Wikipedia)
Geoff Campion
Mike Charlton
Raymond Copeland
Bruce Cornwell
Graham Coton
John Spencer Croft
Roy Cross
Eric Dadswell
Danet, Dubrisay, Genestre
Jack Daniel
Gordon Davies
Roland Davies
C. L. Doughty (Wikipedia)
Laurence Dunn
Eric Eden
__ Ellis
Gerry Embleton (Wikipedia)
Ron Embleton (Wikipedia)
R. W. Escott
Sam Fair
Dennis Fairlie
Roland Fiddy
Walkden Fisher
Victor de la Fuente
__ George
Carl Giles (Wikipedia)
Strom Gould
Frank R. Grey
Frank Hampson (Wikipedia)
Don Harley
John Harris
Gerald Haylock
P. Martinez Henares
Hergé (see Georges Remi)
Geoffrey Hill
Cyril Holloway
Stanley Houghton
Frank Humphris
Robert Hunt
Charles Hurford
Peter Jackson
Alan Jefferson
Richard E. Jennings
Lino Jeva
Harold Johns
Robert Johnston
Peter Kay
Tom Kerr (Wikipedia)
Eric Kincaid
Jack Kirby (Wikipedia)
A. Lake
David Langdon
Don Lawrence (Wikipedia)
Brian Lewis
Harry Lindfield
Gerald Lipmann
Frank McDiarmid
Bruce MacDonald
Kenneth McDonough
John McLusky (Wikipedia)
Bill Mainwaring
Terry Maloney
Paul B. Mann
W. P. Mathew
Alfred Mazure
Barrie Mitchell
Webster Murray
Pat Nevin
Will Nickless
R. Nicoll
Jack Nicolle
Pat Nicolle
Alexander Oliphant (short note here)
Jose Ortiz (Wikipedia)
Gerald Palmer
Walter Pannett
Eric R. Parker
Reg Parlett (Wikipedia)
Edwin Phillips
Carlos Pino
Joan Porter (nee Humphries)
Dudley Pout
Peter Probyn
__ Redmill
Georges Remi (Hergé) (Wikipedia)
T. C. Renwick-Adams
Ross (Ron Smith & another artist)
R. Charles Roylance
R. G. Russell
John Ryan (Wikipedia)
Martin Salvador
E. Saunders
Angus Scott
Raymond Sheppard
Ronald Simmons
John S. Smith
Ron Smith (see also Ross)
Nicholas Spargo
Ken Stewart
William Stobbs (Wikipedia)
John Stokes (Wikipedia)
Ferdinando Tacconi (Wikipedia)
John Taylor
Norman Thelwell (Wikipedia)
Jocelyn Thomas
Malcolm Thomkins
__ Thornton
Greta Tomlinson
Paul Trevillion (Wikipedia)
Loredano Ugolini
__ Valentine
Desmond Walduck
David Walsh
Keith Watson (Wikipedia)
Ken Webb
Geoffrey Wheeler
Norman Williams
Pat Williams
Maurice Wilson
Harry Winslade
Leslie Ashwell Wood
M. Wood
John Worsley
Manuel Zatarain


  1. Steve
    You need to spell Raymond Sheppard correctly to get any further information on him.

    SHEPPARD, Raymond 1913-1958
    Born on 3 March 1913 in Muswell Hill, North London, Sheppard was educated at Christ's College, Finchley, and studied at the London School of Printing and Graphic Arts. He drew at the London Zoo and in the Natural History Museum, South Kensington; and, when he was twenty-one, became a free-lance artist, illustrating books on natural history, and other books with animals as the main subject. He taught for three years at the London School of Printing. During WW2 he was attached to the RAF Photographic Section. Elected FZS; SGA (1947); PS (1948); RI (1949). He died on 21 August 1958.
    Taken from Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators. Alan Horne

    He did lots of work in Girl (Black Beauty), Swift ("Animals and Their Young"; "British Birds and Their Nests" etc.) and the only one I know in eagle is "Famous Horse Stories (c.1954)"

    I am in contact with Sheppard's daughter who is organising exhibitions in the next year of his works. I'll let you know more when we get more info.

  2. Norman,

    D'oh! I've corrected the spelling on the list. Also on my master file; and my Girl and Swift indexes. Hopefully that'll stop me making the same mistake again.


    Yes, Jack Kirby was indeed a contributor, but only "Tales of Asgard" reprints that ran in 1968 in the dying days of the paper.

  3. Hi Steve,due to polite encouragement from Lew over at ComicsUK,I have put up a new yahoo group
    with the mission of assembling a database of British Comics artists and writers..a bit of a misnomer really considering most came from Europe or South America!Anyhoo,you are cordially invited,time permitting of course to lend your expertise to this project.May God help us all!!!!!!

  4. Hi... I'm an editor over at the Grand Comicbook Database ( I indexed one issue of Eagle in full... I'm afraid there aren't any artists listed there that you don't already have here, but thought you might be interested in it anyways...

    Cheers! Peter



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