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Monday, April 21, 2008

Comic Cuts

Welcome to post 700!

I'm away to London to do some editorial work today. Got to go catch a train...

So, that's it from post 700. Not quite as epic as I'd hoped, but here are a couple of news items from elsewhere to entertain you this Monday morning...

* Lew Stringer at Blimey! spotted the above series of adverts from the around 1979 for Look-In on YouTube. The same poster (col2006ie) has put up a number of shorter Look-In ads from the mid-1980s—here and here. TVTimeMachine80 has also posted an ad from 1985, here.

* Nick Abadzis is following up his Laika graphic novel with a serial entitled "Cora's Breakfast" which will be running in 3-page episodes in The Guardian for the next six weeks starting on Saturday, 19 April (yes, I know I'm late). You can catch up with the strip at the Guardian website. (It downloads as a PDF.)

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