Friday, April 11, 2008

The Fleet Street Review

Slim (32 pages, plus cover) magazine edited by Henry Allen Ashton who introduced his new venture thus:
Fleet Street! the literary home of the world. What a recollection of newspapers and magazines, books, journals, and periodicals of all kinds these two words call forth! No longer do ships sail past “Flete Bridge” to “Holeburne Bridge,” nor do passers-by gaze at the historical edifice represented on our cover. All this is past, and now it is not too much to say that the literature of all England is disseminated from Fleet Street in ten thousand different publications.
It is indeed a bold thing to launch out a new magazine in this already crowded street in the year of Grace eighteen hundred and ninety-two, but confident in the integrity of our purpose, and not a little encouraged by many promises of valuable assistance, we venture to bring out our first number.
The Fleet Street Review will be published towards the end of each month, and will, for the most part, consist of articles and short stories by the best writers.
Graphic accounts of various trips in the country and tours around London, the chief places of interest being illustrated by eminent artists are arranged for production.
The ancient and modern history of notable places at home and abroad; a series of essays on men of Fleet Street, and on important City Churches (with illustrations) will also find a place in our columns, together with several new features never before treated in magazine literature.
The Proprietors of the Fleet Street Review will make it their constant endeavour to preserve the tone and quality of their magazine; its moderate cost bringing it within reach of everyone. In short, it is confidently expected that it will soon become universally known, and it is in reliance upon this hope that we commend our first number to the favourable reception of all who may be interested.
The second issue promised a contribution by Walter Besant, but as far as I know the paper lasted only 5 monthly issues.

The Fleet Street Review [v1 #1, January 1892] (2d, 32pp, cover by ?)
3 * Ashton, Henry Allen * Editorial * ed
4 * Barrett, C. R. B. * A Reverie in Fleet Street * ar
8 * Hetherington, Helen F. * “A Bunch of Violets” * ss
16 * The Very Rev. The Dean * St. Paul’s Cathedral * ar
19 * Lloyd, Arnold * Infatuation * pm
20 * Ashton, Henry Allen * Incidents in the Lives of Notable Journalists * ar
23 * Anon. * Bric-a-Brac, and How to Collect It * ar
28 * Nex, C. * Lost Luggage. A Modern Antique * pm
29 * A Dock Clerk * The Gordon Dock Mystery [Part 1 of ?] * sl

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