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Monday, January 21, 2008

Tim Holt


I'm trying to track down information on the contents of the early issues of Tim Holt, the Western comic published by Magazine Enterprises. We're trying to wrap up the listings for the Thriller Index at the moment and I've still got some gaps.

Holt was reprinted in four issues of an Australian magazine in 1949 and subsequently transferred to the UK in Cowboy Comics which reprinted stories in five issues. I've been able to match a few titles from information on issues A-1 #17 (Sep/Oct 1948) and Tim Holt #5 (Mar/Apr 1949), but that still leaves me with quite a few stories still to i.d.

So... does anyone out there have early issues of the Tim Holt comics -- A-1 #14, A-1 #19, Tim Holt #4, 6-8 -- and could they drop me a line as I want to check their contents. I'm pretty sure that all the reprints were contained in these issues (I've seen contents for #9 and #11 but nothing matched). I also need the story titles for the Flip Carson yarns as some of those were reprinted, too.

And perhaps someone can confirm whether the Tim Holt comics were color or black & white. I'm presuming the former, but the only artwork I have been able to spot on the internet has been of (color) covers or original (b&w) boards.

You can drop me a line direct via the e-mail address top right, just under the photo. Or if you spot this and think someone else can help... feel free to pass on the query and my contact details.

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  1. AC Comics in America have reprinted Tim Holt stories, so might be able to help. Their web site is

    David Simpson