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Friday, January 25, 2008

Cyril Eidlestein / Frank Langford

We've had some advertising from Cyril Eidlestein before on Bear Alley. Last December I ran a little sequence of ads for KP Outer Spacers and named the artist as Frank Langford. Well, Eidlestein and Langford were one and the same artist, born Cyril J. Eidlestein. He changed his name by deed in the 1960s.

I know little about him other than that. He first appears in comics in the late 1950s drawing for Roxy and then leaps to collectors' attention as the artist of 'The Angry Planet' in Boy's World in 1963 and 'Lady Penelope' in Lady Penelope in 1966-69. Most fans lose sight of him after his work for Countdown and TV Action in the early 1970s but a keen eye will spot his name in countless advertising strips from the 1960s onwards. The KP Outer Spacers adverts (part 1, part 2, part 3) appeared in 1982.

These two four adverts for the W.R.A.C. appeared in 1964.

Our header, by the way, is a frame from the original artwork for a page of 'The Angry Planet'.

(* Angry Planet © IPC Media. No idea about the adverts.)


Norman Boyd said...

This is another example of how we have neglected our comic artists to our shame! I assumed better people than me would know about Mr. Langford.

I loved his work when I was a kid, along with the usual suspects, Noble, Embleton and Bellamy. He always seemed to sign his work too - very like Bellamy's slanted hand!

His adverts were all over the place in the 60s - if I remember correctly, the Odhams Power comics, Smash, Pow etc with those - were they - Dinky toy aderts for exciting fire engines and so on.

Does anyone know any more HELP STEVE NOW!

Karen Goldman said...

Hi Steve

I am Frank Langford's niece and you are correct in that he changed his name from Cyril Eidlestein, to actually take his wife's surname. To me he will always be, Uncle Cyril !

Unfortunately, he died a number of years ago and I now have a few of his pictures and copies of some of the ads that he did.

He was working extensively throughout the seventies and eighties and his portfolio included a series of ads for Barclays, McDonalds, Marks & Spencer, the Yorkie Bar ad with the trucker, a series for Rice Krispies with the Snap, Crackle and Pop figures, and many, many more.

He also did a number of film posters and many other projects. For many years he had a regular strip in one of the dailies - Jack & Jill.

He was a lovely man with a great sense of humour - and I miss him dearly.

I'm glad that he had a following and that fans still remember his work.

Karen Goldman

Steve said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for taking the time to write. "Uncle Cyril" does indeed have a following, although to most of his fans, he's probably best remembered as Frank Langford, who drew Lady Penelope, Dr Who and The Persuaders. A few of us who have dug a little deeper know him as the artist of The Angry Planet, some of which were signed Eidlestein.

Perhaps you can fill in some details of his life and career -- my e-mail address is up there in the top right if you want to contact me directly. You'll certainly have an eager audience.

Dave Franks said...

Hi, Im Dave Franks I knew Frank well when he was working on ads for all the privitisation and share selling that went on under Thatcher. I think I first saw his work in his own ads at the back of an old creative review.. I was fresh out of college, sent him some of my work to critique.I dont think it was very good work at the time- He told me to look at it in a mirror to see if the drawing had any flaws in it! Actually a great idea. Still he thought enough of my work back then to ask me to take on his overflow work..I thought he had a great way with the inking and design-he always kept things lively in his work and that attracted me...he never got too tight.

Steve said...

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing your memories. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

could someone help me here..i can only describe as to finding a portfolio of the early works of the above mentioned artist frank langford...containing loads of drawings..sketchies..comic strips...ect...some signed and dated back to year 1954...all in tip top was wondering if this find was worth anything...thanks for your replys in advance

Steve said...

Hi Anonymous,

I've no idea if these things are of any great value; the simple lack of information about Langford and his work has meant that he's completely unknown to the great majority of collectors, so I would have to say that it probably isn't worth a huge amount. I'd love to know more about the sketches and strips as that's my area of interest and so little is known about his early career. And you never know: increasing awareness of his work may actually increase the value of the portfolio.

Jacque Nodell said...

I have posted a few panels of Langford's work from romance comics for DC in the 1970s. Really gorgeous stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I collect original comic art and would love to buy a few if you have any left, im about to purchase a few of his DC Romance pages and would love the chance to add to them. If you come back email me at thanks JC

Steve said...

Hi JC,

I should make clear that I don't own the boards shown. They're in private hands - I simply took some photos when I had the opportunity.

Best of luck with adding to your collection of original artwork.

Anonymous said...

When I get mine in i'll post you up a link to pictures of them, his work is incredible.

Peter Hansen said...

Hi Steve, I have a few pieces of Frank's/Cyril's artwork from The Ngary Planet. If you can get hold of Karen Goldman's e-mail I would be happry to send her something

Peter Hansen

Steve said...

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately, I don't have her address as she contributed anonymously, which I allow because not everybody wants to sign up to Google just to make a comment.

Adam Boon said...

Hi Steve,

I am working at the Conde Nast archive and hoping to track down some original artwork for two illustrations that Frank Langford did for Vogue in June 1985.

I see someone else has already asked for Karen Goldmans email address....which I gather you don't have but I was wondering if you knew of any other way I might go about getting in contact with her?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Steve said...

Posting here is probably the best chance of contacting her... we know she has visited in the past and maybe she'll visit again. You might want to post a contact address because, at the moment, she won't be able to get in touch with you.

Adam Boon said...

Thanks very much Steve.

My email is

Fingers crossed she will see this.

Michelle said...

Hello all

I am one of Frank Langford's biggest fans, as well as his great niece. My mum Karen wrote quite a few years ago on this blog about him but hasn't seen any of the replies since. I will get her to have a look and hopefully she can give you some more info. She and Adam are now in contact and hoping to show some of Cyril's works.

Shall I upload a couple of the pieces on to this blog? I am currently trying to set up a retrospective exhibition of his work as my family have a large original collection of his beautiful works. I am hoping some of you might have some advice about galleries/museums that may be interested in showing them.

It is such incredible art that he created it deserves more recognition and to be shared with the public.

Thanks Michelle.

Steve said...

Hi Michelle,

Probably best to contact me direct - my e-mail address is just below the photo, top left - so I can add any new pics you send.