Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bill Lacey's Ramshackle Romance

Here's the strip I stumbled across in Boyfriend, drawn by Bill Lacey who is far better know for his work in boys' comics -- various strips for Super Detective Library, Lion, Valiant, Look and Learn, TV Comic, Battle, Bullet, Crunch, Buddy, etc.

I was a thinking this was a bit of a scoop but I mentioned it to David Roach who tells me that he was a regular during the early days of Boyfriend. Darn... thought I was onto something. I'll just have to hope that tomorrow's 'Comic Firsts' column is the scoop I think it is!

(* I had to photograph this so it's not up to the usual standard. 'Ramshackle Romance' appeared in Boyfriend no. 6 (20 June 1959) and is © IPC Media.)

1 comment:

  1. Photographed or not, it still looks good enough to eat. Marvelous. Thank you very much.



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