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Friday, January 04, 2008

Return to Terra Nova

A Bear Alley exclusive!

John Ridgway is currently working on a new Dan Dare story for Spaceship Away which will take Dan back to Terra Nova to continue the search for his father (who may not be dead, as was previously thought), thus carrying on the Terra Nova saga where Frank Hampson left off. "There are a few strange facts in the Terra Nova trilogy that I'm utilizing -- whether they were there deliberately or by accident I don't know," say John.

"A lot of the work on the story will be using CGI - hopefully it won't offend too many dedicated Dan Dare-ites."

Well, if it's as good as the opening page above, I think DD fans will lap it up. Dan has now been interpreted by so many different artists and writers, only the most blinkered still harp on about how new Dan Dare stories spoil the memory of the original. With most of the original DD stories now back in print and Spaceship Away doing such a fantastic job recreating Dan's adventures in the style and spirit of Hampson, I don't see how anyone has room for complaint. In John's favour, he's a massive fan of the original Dare stories, a professional comics artist of thirty-five years experience and a damn fine one at that.

If you're not subscribing to Spaceship Away yet, take a look at Rod Barzilay's website and take advantage of the 7 for the price of 6 subscription offer.

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