Monday, April 23, 2007

World of Champions

A series on comic strip features, 'World of Champions' covered a wide range of subjects. The two examples below are General Patton and The Harlem Globetrotters and other biographies included cyclist Jacques Anquetil and jet-engine creator Frank Whittle. Ah, but where did they first appear? Spirou? Tintin?

And just to wrap up the updates... I think this series was also a reprint from Tintin. Patton was featured in issue 9/64 (3 March 1964) and Jacques Anquetil in 23/64 (9 June 1964). I'm sure a dig around other issues would turn up the others. The artwork for the series was by a number of different artists (Luco [Lucien Colsoulle] for Patton, Jean Graton/Christian Denayer for Anquetil) but both were written by the same author, Yves Duval. Whether that holds true for the rest I don't know.

Now, if anyone has copies of Champion can they let me know the titles of the 'World of Champions' feature in the issues they have? I'll see if I can figure out where they came from.

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