Monday, April 23, 2007

Paladin the Fearless

We did so well with 'The Flying Furies' the other day that I've put together a little batch of other European strips that I've not been able to identify. Most come from Champion, which was launched with European strips in mind; the lead strip, 'Jet Jordan', was actually 'Dan Cooper' by Albert Weimberg and the paper included other strips culled from the pages of Tintin and Spirou.

I've put up five this evening and... well, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that someone can recognise them. You'll have to scroll down the page to see the others.

The first strip, 'Paladin the Fearless', actually comes from Valiant rather than Champion. It was published in 1962-63 in Valiant and is, I believe, by Albert Uderzo.

Update: later that same evening...
We have our first i.d. (thanks, George). 'Belloy' originally appeared in Pilote in 1962. Valiant reprinted the first two stories, 'Chevalier sans armure' (1962) and 'La princesse captive' (1962-63), drawn by Uderzo from scripts by the ubiquitous Jean-Michel Charlier.

I'm rather pleased by the coincidence that the last couple of days have revealed a number of Uderzo's little-known contributions to British comics and the man himself celebrates his 80th birthday on Wednesday. Must remember to put something up.


  1. That does look like Uderzo. A guess would have me saying this is Belloy, by Charlier & Uderzo. It appears there were not many stories published in French, so this must be 'La princesse captive' from 1962.

  2. great post, thx a o lot. Now I've learned about another great piece by Uderzo



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