Saturday, April 14, 2007

Reg Gray

Reg Gray is a name that crops up as an illustrator in a number of annuals (e.g. Boys' World Annual, Daily Mirror Book for Boys, etc.) and books. A little bit of information came my way recently that Reg was the artist of the globe logo that adorned the covers of Look and Learn magazine for many years.

I've been unable to find out a huge amount about Reginald Stanley Gray. I believe he was born 19 November 1923 and died in 1992, aged 68, having lived most of his life in Essex. A former Able Seaman during the Second World War, he was also a painter and sculptor, an exhibition of his work held at the Collector's Gallery, London, 26 May-10 June 1961.

Reginald Gray: New Paintings, Drawings, Pottery. London, Collector's Gallery, 1961.

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