Monday, April 23, 2007

Hunters Without Guns

'Hunters Without Guns' was a strip about a wildlife photographer in Africa. The strip appeared in Champion in 1966.

After a lot of digging around the internet, I think this is almost certainly 'Marc Franval' or 'Les Franval' (from 1964) from Tintin. In 1965 (in both the Belgian and French versions of Tintin) the Franval family went on a trip across three continents, drawn by Edouard Aidans, written by Yves Duval. I'm not 100% sure but 'Visa pour 3 continents' and the sequel 'Alerte aux vautours' are likely to be the source of 'Hunters Without Guns'. The family consist of dark haired Marc, his blonde wife and young son, all of whom can be found in this strip -- Franval is renamed Steve Hunter and the Hunters are, of course, his family.

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