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Friday, March 09, 2007

Robin Annual Artists & Authors

Artists and authors credited in the first nine issues of Robin Annual. Anyone who thinks they can help with information, please drop me a line.


Morley Adams Ltd.

Arthur W. Baldwin
Anthony Beaurepaire
Ursula Blau
Hilda Boswell
George Bowe
Pat Bowyer (see Patricia Turner)
Eileen Bradpiece
John Brinkley
Rosemary Brown
Roy F. Brown
Richard Browning
Gordon Burrell
Nancy Catford [Dora Catford]
Rene Cloke
Dorothy Craigie
Josephine Crichmay / Crickmay
Evelyn Cuthbertson
Kathleen Dance
Beryl Davies
Thomas Davis / Davies
Anna Farr
Jane Foot
Reg Forster
Marcia Lane Foster
Lilla Fox
Jill Francksen
Terry Freeman
George Fry
Len Fullerton
Nan Fullerton
Rosemary Garland
Gay (Wood? See below)
Michael Gibson
R. Gillings
J. & A. Grahame-Johnstone
Catherine Hammond
Dee Hammond
Harry Hants
Pat Harrison
Irene Hawkins
Dorothy Heather
Racey Helps
Elizabeth Hobson
Joyce Horn
Patricia Hubbard
Stuart Irwin
Faith Jacques
Maria Jocz
Edward Kearon
Richard Kennedy
May Kirkham
Glyn Lacey
Betty Larom
Gerald Lipman
Grace Lodge
Mary McGowan
Beryl Maile
Jean Main
Gwynneth Mamlock
Rosalind Mansell
Constance Marshall
Jeffery Matthews
D. L. Mays
Mary Millar-Watt
Margaret Milnes
Pamela Neads
Michael K. Noble
Walter Pannett
Ann Parker
Jenny Paul
Ann Pout
Jenny Reyn
Shirley Anne Richardson
Joan Roberts
Margot Russell
Norman Satchel
Sabine Schweitzer
Prudence Seward
Maria Skarbek-Wazynska
Elizabeth Skottowe
Roland Smith
A. E. (Tony) Speer
Paddie Spratley
Mary Taylor
Pat Taylor
Valerie Taylor
Jean / Joan Thompson
Patricia Turner (aka Pat Bowyer?)
Robert Tyndall
Jennetta Vise
Astrid Walford
David Walsh
Eccles Williams
Hubert Williams
Roy Williams
Irene Williamson
Andrew Wilson
Maurice Wilson
Eric Winter
Gay Wood
Neville Wortman
Matvyn Wright


Pat Ablewhite
Sylvia Allen
John Baldwinson
Winifred Bear
Dilys Beeston
Leila Berg (Wikipedia)
Maria Bird
Rachel Booth
Peggy Bridges
Ruby Brooke
Roy F. Brown
Murray Browne
Constance Bruce
Gerald Bullett
John Byrne
Mary E. Carmichael
Nancy Catford
[Dora Catford]
Fred Chadwick
Christine Chaundler
Rene Cloke (ills)
Margaret Connor
Wendy Cooper
Dorothy Craigie (ills)
Jean Crouch
Barbara Davies
Dennis Duckworth
Edward Duffy
Jessica Dunning
D. G. Edmunds
Janet Erskine
Marjorie Etheridge
Lilian Fitzgerald
Jean Ford
Shelagh Fraser
Rosemary Garland (ills)
Eileen Gibb
Michael Gibson (ills)
Wyn Gordine
Wendy Jeanette Grant
Betty Gray
Arthur Groom
Jane Gross
James Hemming
Anita Hewett
Maureen Hillyer
Eileen Holder
Muriel Holland
Winifred Holmes
Dorothy Horton
Patricia Hubbard (ills)
Sabrina Hughes
Somerset Hughes
Ursula John (see Ursula Moray Williams)
Maurice Jones
Muriel Jones
Hilary Kent
Betty Larom
Edward Lear (Wikipedia)
Joan Leslie
Anna McMullen
Sheila Makins
O. Markham
Joyce Clark Mitton
Catherine Morris
Muriel G. Nix
Patricia Opeshaw
S. F. Palmer
Eileen E. Passmore
K. H. Pearce
Phyllis Pearce
Ann Pout (ills)
John R. Pulling
Stella Ranns
Moore Raymond
Margaret Rhodes
Josephine Richards
Ivy Russell
Norman Satchel (ills)
Kathleen Scott
W. Scott
Doreen M. Sharp
Rosemary Sisson
Elizabeth Skottowe (ills)
Betty Smith
Peggy Stack
Jean Stevens
Kathleen Stone
John Taylor
Billy Thatcher
Margaret Thomas
Margit Todman
Chad Varah (Wikipedia)
Joyce Vaughan
Lesley Vincent
Jennetta Vise (ills)
Eric Wagstaff (songs)
Ethel Walter
Oscar Wilde (Wikipedia)
Ursula Moray Williams
Irene Williamson (ills)
Monica Woodford
John Worsley


  1. Neville Wortman29 Mar 2011, 14:27:00

    Jean Ford's 'PLONK' drawn by Neville Wortman weekly in Robin, was a long running series of Associated-Redifusion tv 'Small Time' where Neville Wortman partly drew the story in vision, featuring Patsy and the nice old gentleman.

  2. Hi Neville,

    I have 'Plonk' listed in my index to Robin (I have access to a long run of the comic recently) as running between 1959 and 1961. Perhaps you could get in touch directly (my e-mail address is just below the photo top left) as I'd love to know more about your work on the series.