Friday, March 02, 2007

Comic Clippings - 2 March 2007

The last week has just been a general slog: the Look and Learn web site now has 14,615 images on its picture gallery, most of it orignal artwork from Look and Learn (such as the recently added piece above, by Roger Payne) and panels from many of the fairy stories that appeared in Playhour.

Also hit a minor milestone with the Trigan Empire collection: we now have 75% of the pages typed up. Don Lawrence painted a total of 974 boards for the strip and as part of the digital upgrade, each page has to be relettered... which means some poor sod has to type out all the captions and dialogue. And that poor sod is... me! Pleased to say that I've now reached page 738 and only 236 to go. Only... 236... pages... *sob*

A brief column tonight as we're off to see Hot Fuzz. No time to look around the net for news.
  • The Forbidden Planet blog announces (1 March) a Bryan Talbot event at the Nostalgia & Comics store in Birmingham and the FPI store in Edinburgh. Expect more to follow.
  • David Lloyd is interviewed at the German web site Das Gorilla-Manifest. Perhaps a more apt place would have been the 'Monkeys' bar across the road. (Go look at the pictures if you think I'm talking gibbon-ish.)

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