Sunday, March 18, 2007

In the Post

Yes, I'm back, and I come bearing the above. The latest Trigan Empire Collection volume has just come back from the printers and it's gorgeous. 122 pages of sword, sandal and science fiction; get ready to boo those naughty Lokan invaders; have some Kleenex nearby for the wedding of the Year of Yuss as Trigo gets hitched; praise all the gods as Trigo is finally crowned Emperor of the Trigan Empire; and curse all the demons of Daveli as he almost has it stolen from under his nose. Yes, I know the books are expensive but, if you've got a birthday coming up or you just want to treat yourself, the cost is all there in the book. The production values of this series are the best I've ever seen for any British comics reprint series and, believe me, I've seen 'em all.

More good news (well, I think it's good news): it looks like the War Libraries volume of our series of Fleetway Indexes could be out in June

Below is the free plate from the Trigan volume. Below that it's just domestic talk which you can skip if you want.

After a few days feeling really wretched, I think I've got it down to mostly just a cold now. I never thought I'd be grateful to say those words but after what I've just experienced I shall have some respect for the humble cold bug which, this time last week, is what I thought it was. Then it took a turn for the worse midweek. Then it took a turn for the unmentionable at the end of the week. I won't mention it because kids might come along to the blog to look at the comics pictures but it was, in the words of Josie Lawrence, "Yukky!"

I don't want to turn this into a running commentary on my life but sometimes you can't help it. I try to post regularly but something like the above throws my schedule completely to the four winds and I'll need to catch up somewhere along the line. So if things get patchy again you'll know why.

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