Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Comic Clippings - 7 March 2007

Just received the first set of pages for the upcoming 'Karl the Viking' series to be published by DLC (Holland) in the summer. A couple of hundred pages will be taken directly from the original boards so the quality will be even better than the 'Karl' reprints that Rob did in his Don Lawrence -- The Collection volumes a few years back. And in English, too.
  • The Forbidden Planet blog has a transcript of Cam Kennedy's interview at the recent Scottish Book Trust event on 2 February (posted 7 March)
  • Rich Johnson's Lying in the Gutters column (#94, 5 March) reveals that Andy Lanning & John Carnell's old Marvel UK/Epic series 'The Sleeze Brothers', originally published back in 1989, is to return... and there may be an animated series in the works, too.
  • 'The Sims Life Story' is a new computer game aimed at teenage girls but as part of their marketing campaign they are hosting an exhibition of old D. C. Thomson girls' comic and photo stories at the Proud Gallery Central, London, 5 Buckland Streeet, The Strand, Westminster WC2 6BP. The exhibition began on 29 February and runs until 14 March. The web address ( isn't working as of this morning but the Sims Zone web site has a press release from 22 February. A review of the exhibition appears in The Guardian ('Boys! Boys! Boys!' by Esther Addley, 7 March) and I spotted another brief review in the blog of Miss Alice (1 March).
(* 'The Sword of Eingar' is © IPC Magazines)

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