Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Rebellion Releases — 8 November 2023

The greatest stories of one of science fiction's greatest heroines - rereleased in an easily accessible format perfect for new readers

Judge Cassandra Anderson of Psi Division is one of the greatest minds on the Judges' roster. As a precognitive telepath and empath, her quirks, such as her sense of humour, are tolerated by the otherwise oppressively strict Justice Department.

In Mega-City One, citizens live in fear under the iron fist of the Judges’ unyielding rule, but PSI Judge Cassandra Anderson knows it’s a flawed system. In the second volume of her Essential line, Anderson grapples with matters of faith and damnation, as a chance at eternal life comes at the cost of losing her mind forever, while her pursuit of a just system leads her to investigate a religious cult, and ultimately to engage in a battle of the minds with the most formidable of foes: Satan himself!

With exceptional art from Arthur Ranson, whose creative partnership with Alan Grant produced some of 2000 AD's most challenging and consequential stories, Satan thoughtfully explores faith against the backdrop of the Judge Department's system of absolute power.

As Anderson faces up to the living embodiment of evil - a man of wealth and taste indeed - she'll be pushed to the very limit of her abilities!

Out on 7 June 2024, Essential Judge Anderson: Satan is available to pre-order from all good book and comic book stores, as well as 2000 AD's webshop!

And now, this week's releases...

2000AD Prog 2357

Judge Dredd: Poison by Rob Williams (w) PJ Holden (a) Peter Doherty (c) Simon Bowland (l)
Helium: Scorched Earth by Ian Edginton (w) D'Israeli (a) Simon Bowland (l)
The Devil's Railroad by Peter Milligan (w) Rufus Dayglo (a) Jose Villarrubia (c) Jim Campbell (l)
The Fall of Deadworld: Retribution by Kek-W (w) Dave Kendall (a) Simon Bowland (l)
Feral & Foe: Bad Godesberg by Dan Abnett (w) Richard Elson (a) Jim Campbell (l)

Treasury of British Comics Annual 2024
Rebellion ISBN 978-183786025-8, 9 November 2023, 112pp, £25.

For over a century, the comic book annual has been an essential Christmas stocking filler for British children. The Treasury of British Comics have dived deep into the archives, selecting slick and exciting stories from past annuals, specials and regular issues, including strips from such titles as Lion, Starlord, Misty, Action, Wham!, Scream! Smash!, Battle and Valiant to name but a few. Including the best of British talent like Brian Bolland, Cam Kennedy, Leo Baxendale, Ken Reid, Mike Western, Brian Lewis, Joe Colquhoun and Pat Mills, there are also three brand new strips - The Leopard from Lime Street Vs The Spider by Simon Furman, David Roach and Mike Collins, Black Beth by Alec Worley and DaNi and Gustav of the Bearmacht by Kek-W and Staz Johnson.

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