Thursday, November 23, 2023

Commando 5699-5702

Action and Adventure soaked into every page of Commando Issues 5699 – 5702! They go on sale today, Thursday 23rd November!

5699: The Trumpeter’s Call

The sombre notes echoed against the sandy dunes of the North African desert, as New Zealander Private Calum Taylor played a lonesome jazz melody.
    His trumpet had no place among the din and clamour of war, but his instrument was the only thing keeping him going among the chorus of death around him. As long as he could play, he would live!
    A more melancholic note runs through this Commando wonderfully composed by Andrew Knighton. With artwork from the maestro Manuel Benet, this Commando will have your heart singing a tune.

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Manuel Benet
Cover | Manuel Benet

5700: Friend or Foe?

Down through the night came the Nazi paratroopers, each heavily-armed man dropping as silently as a flake of snow. Their mission was to assassinate one man who had talked too much — and everyone who had listened to him.
    A classic Commando if there ever was one! With Penalva’s iconic cover that has been used in a Commando calendar, we thought it was about time we aired it out for another run — and with Allan and CT Rigby as back up, you won’t want to miss this!

Story | Allan
Art | CT Rigby
Cover | Penalva
First Published 1970 as Issue 500

5701: The First Casualty

When a young Englishman came asking about his dead father’s last days on the Western Front, the only person who could answer his questions was Havildar Jared Singh of the 19th Lancers. But what Singh had to say may not be welcome, and what the Englishman thought he knew may not be the whole truth…
    Another corker of a Commando from Robbie MacNiven. Set amongst the backdrop of World War One, this gritty and hard-hitting Commando will have you questioning the meaning of the word ‘hero’! Mark Eastbrook delivers a magnificent cover and Alberto Saichann’s interiors are bleak but beautiful!

Story | Robbie MacNiven
Art | Alberto Saichann
Cover | Mark Eastbrook

5702: Last Man Out

Lieutenant Sammy Parker had seen no action at all during his army career, for he spent most of his time sitting behind a desk in a quiet office in Burma.
    But now it was different. Now the Japanese were advancing, driving everything before them. Now Sammy was on the run and fighting for his life. More than that — there was a bunch of soldiers depending on him for their lives too.
    Would he make it, this young officer who had never been in such a desperate situation in his whole life?
    A stunning Ian Kennedy cover on Last Man Out from 1980! RA Montague’s tale of courage in the face of a forced retreat is brought to life by Ruiz’s crisp interiors!

Story | RA Montague
Art | Ruiz
Cover | Ian Kennedy
First Published 1980 as Issue 1421

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