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Commando 5695-5698

The latest Commando Issues are on sale today, Thursday, 9th November! Featuring two World War One Issues for Remembrance Day alongside two rip-roaring reprints!

5695: Monty’s Marauder’s: Machine-gun Mayhem

The fighting men of the First World War are back, as Monty’s Marauders return to wreak havoc on the Kaiser’s men!
     Autumn 1915, and Second Lieutenant Aubrey Monteith’s superiors have planned a local offensive aimed at reducing a salient and straightening out the British lines. This meant plenty of work for the Marauders, as they were sent behind enemy lines to take out the enemy’s machine guns ahead of the battalion’s attack. That is… if things went to plan!
      The Kaiser and his men had better watch out! Monty Marauder's return to wreak havoc in no-man's-land against the German lines in Ferg Handley’s returning series! With Carlos Pino’s outstanding artwork on the cover and interiors, you won’t want to miss this jaunt!

Story | Ferg Handley
Art | Carlos Pino
Cover | Carlos Pino

5696: Sea Snatch

It’s hard to leave a mate in the lurch, especially when he’s wounded and behind German lines. It’s hard to forget he ever existed, even when you’re waging war against the hated Nazis.
     That’s the spot Eric Carlsson and Chris Borge, two Norwegians who’d escaped to fly for the RAF, were in. They planned and plotted to rescue their friend who’d been left behind in Norway… even when they knew it meant disobeying orders and being called traitors and spies!
     After all, he was their mate…
     What a reprint this is! Clegg writes a tale as old as time about friends not leaving a man behind — no matter the cost! The bright and intense cover to ‘Sea Snatch’ is by the legendary Ian Kennedy and the clean, crisp interiors are by Amador! You put that all together and you get one heck of a classic Commando!

Story | Clegg
Art | Amador
Cover | Ian Kennedy
First Published 1970 as Issue 502

5697: Cadman: Up, Up and Away!

November 1914. As the fighting heats up on the Western Front, Lieutenant Gerald Cadman realises he is in real danger of having to fight in the war! But this cowardly cad has a cunning plan to escape battle yet again — take to the skies!
     Little does he know that flying an ‘unarmed’ reconnaissance plane makes him a target for falling bricks and fired bullets from the rival German kites!
      That cowardly cad returns! From the pages of The Victor to Commando, Cadman the Fighting Coward looks skyward to escape the trenches — but he soon finds that life in the Royal Flying Corps isn't any easier or safer than on the ground!

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Mike Dorey
Cover | Mike Dorey and Bryn Houghton

5698: The Reckoning

Alan and Dick had been friends for years. They were boys at the same school together. Alan was the quiet one. Not very interested in sport, he was usually to be found reading a book. Dick was the happy-go-lucky type, always playing football, tennis or cricket. Everybody reckoned Dick would make a better soldier than Alan.
     But the day of reckoning came. It was in the mountains of Italy, with the war raging fiercely all around. A lot of secrets were revealed that day — and no-one was more surprised than Alan.
      On its first outing since 1980, The Reckoning returns to Commando pages! But don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s been on the shelves for over 40 years that this yarn has gone stale! With twists, turns and a lot of action — you’ll be annoyed we didn’t reprint it sooner!

Story | CG Walker
Art | Gordon C Livingston
Cover | K Walker
First Published 1981 as Issue 1521

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