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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Commando 5159-5162

Brand new Commandos are out today! Uncover a plot to assassinate Churchill, seek out Germans in American clothing, fly high in a gyrocopter with Danger Doyle, and take down tanks with the French Resistance!

5159: Target: Churchill
In 1605, Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators crept into the cellars under Parliament with a plot to blow up the British government.
    More than three-hundred years later, in 1943, a group of German spies led by the fanatic Hauptmann Harald Stein had the same idea. Following Guy Fawkes’ example, their plan was to blow up Churchill and the British government. Their target: Westminster.

Story: Iain McLaughlin
Art: Rezzonico
Inks: Morhain
Cover: Neil Roberts

5160: Bogus Yanks
“ACHTUNG! Wanted, for Top Secret mission behind enemy lines, men who can speak English with a strong American accent, expert in all types of weapons and unarmed combat. Tough, reliable, ruthless.”
    That notice went round all the crack German Army units. The Nazis got their volunteers, just a handful. They dressed that handful in Yankee uniform and parachuted them behind British and American lines to sabotage the Allied advance.
    But they didn’t reckon on a British sergeant who just hated Yanks!

Story: Powell
Art: CT Rigby
Cover| Ken Barr
Originally Commando No. 305 (January 1968).

5161: Danger on the Rocks
After the illuminating events in ‘Danger in the Dark’, Ulysses “Danger” Doyle was delighted to hear that the head of secret intelligence office “Omega”, Basil Copper, would be joining himself and Ned Finch personally on their next mission.
    But as Danger flew through the air on an ancient rope ladder, dangling precariously over an unexploded rocket on the back of a lorry, he contemplated how he had quite got into this mess in the first place…

Story: Stephen Walsh
Art: Keith Page
Cover: Janek Matysiak

5162: Clip His Wings!
Bill Thornton was a spotter pilot, working as the eyes of the artillery, and for the military planners masterminding the advance across France towards Germany in the closing stages of the war. So take away his plane, clip his wings, and he would be almost useless?
    No, not Bill. He was looking for the first action to cross his path… and that would not be long in coming

Story: Heptonstall
Art: CT Rigby
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 2872 (July 1995).

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