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Monday, February 20, 2017

Comic World cover gallery part 1

I have some spares of some issues (unfortunately, not every issue, but around 36 of the 43). £3 including p&p for one copy, then £2 per issue (so 3 issues = £7; 5 issues = £11, etc.). If you're interested, let me know at the e-mail address you'll find top left, under the photo. Please note that I'm running very low on some numbers – I have less than 5 copies for over half of the remaining run.

Only 1 copy left
Sold Out


Kid said...

I've still got the 1st issue and maybe one or two others. It was hard to find in my neck of the woods. Whether that was down to selling out fast or newsagents not bothering to re-order, I'll never know.

Mike said...

Looks like it was nicely varied, with stuff from all over the world and would even, shockingly, not always have Marvel and DC on the cover!