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Friday, February 24, 2017

Comic Cuts - 24 February 2017

This will be a short 'n' sweet entry as there's very little to report. I had an article about financial reports to re-write, which will hopefully now be OK – the editor wanted it beefing up and I've added some examples of what I was talking about; hopefully it will now be OK and I can get on with the next one.

That aside I've been working on the Valiant index – the actual index element of the book – compiling contents listings for all the annuals and summer specials that I can get my hands on. I'm missing four spin-off annuals and three of the summer specials, so if anyone can help that would be brilliant. If you know any collectors who might have copies, or you're on a forum where Valiant collectors might gather, let them know, please, as I'm trying to make the book definitive.

So... I'm after content listings for these summer specials:

I'll be even happier if I can get scans of the contents, as it will give me a chance to identify artists and sources of reprints.

I'm also after contents/scans of the three Valiant Book of Sport volumes, plus this stray spin-off:

Random scans: as Broadchurch is about to begin its third season, I thought I'd put up some covers of  recent tie-ins to shows I like. I found the first two seasons of Broadchurch riveting – I know some people thought the second season wasn't as good, but I thought it was gripping... and an incredibly brave move to show the consequences of the first season rather than brush them mostly under the carpet, as is the habit of most TV detective shows. Let's hope the third season doesn't let us down.

Mel isn't a fan of Homeland, but I've stayed faithful and watched all the seasons to date. The new season is being shown at the moment but I'm letting episodes build up on the box until I get a chance to binge watch a few episodes at a time. Not the whole show, just a few episodes. Even the most avid watcher must allow Claire Danes some time to recover from being so miserable. What will make Carrie cry this season?

I think Mel would, on the other hand, wholeheartedly recommend Scott & Bailey, which we only started watching with the second season. I enjoyed it, but it was the third (?) season, the one with Nicola Walker, that really turned me into a fan of the show. We love Nicola Walker – me since her days in Spooks, Mel since her appearance in Sue Perkins' Heading Out. We've just finished watching Unforgotten, which is another excellent crime series.

Broadchurch by Erin Kelly
Sphere 978-075155558-5, 2014, 433pp, £7.99. Cover photo by Colin Hutton Photography

Dead To Me by Cath Staincliffe
Corgi 978-0552-16715-4, 2012, 392pp, £6.99. Cover photos by Tanneke Peetoom/Trigger Image & Mark Owen

Bleed Like Me by Cath Staincliffe
Corgi 978-0552-16872-4, 2013, 346pp, £7.99. Cover photo by Matt Squire

Homeland: Carrie's Run by Andrew Kaplan
Harper 978-0007-94653-2, 2013, 358pp, £7.99. Cover photo © Showtime Networks

Homeland: Saul's Game by Andrew Kaplan
Harper 978-0007-94660-0, 2014, 341pp, £7.99. Cover photo © Showtime Networks

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