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Monday, February 27, 2017

Caroline Graham cover gallery

Inspector Barnaby series

The Killings at Badger's Drift (London, Century Hutchinson, 1987)
Headline 0747-23233-4, 1989, 264pp.
Headline 0747-23233-4, 1997, 272pp.
Headline 0755-34215-1, (Sep) 2007, 277pp.
Headline 978-1472-24618-7, 2016, 275pp, £8.99. Cover design by Edward Bettison
Badger's Drift - a tranquil English village, home to Miss Emily Simpson, a kindly, well-liked spinster. But when poor Miss Simpson takes a gentle stroll in the woods near her home one day and sees something among the trees that she was never meant to see, her peaceful existence is brought to an abrupt end. To most, Miss Simpson's death looks natural enough, but her old friend Miss Lucy Bellringer is unconvinced and calls on Chief Inspector Barnaby for help. Sure enough, as he investigates, a previously unseen seamy side to Badger's Drift is revealed - one where old rivalries, old loves and new scandals are rife. And then there's a second, horrifically gruesome killing...
Death of a Hollow Man (London, Century Hutchinson, 1989)
Headline 0747-23350-0, 1990, 303pp.
---- [6th imp.] n.d., 303pp, £5.99. Cover photo by Chris Ridley
Headline 0755-34216-7 [4th imp.], (Sep) 2007
Headline 978--1472-24366-9, (Oct) 2016, 352pp, £8.99. Cover design by Edward Bettison
A visit to a Causton Amateur Dramatic Society production is not Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby's idea of good entertainment, but loyalty to his wife prevails. And when the leading man takes his role too much to heart in a gruesome final act, Tom finds his professional skills are called upon.
Death in Disguise (London, Headline, 1992)
Headline 0747-23974-6, 1992, 374pp.
Headline 0755-34217-8, 2007, 434pp.
Headline 978-1472-24641-7, 2016, 432pp. Cover design by Edward Bettison
When the death up at the big house is announced to the village of Compton Dando, few are surprised. Given that it's the home of an unlikely bunch of New Age oddballs, perhaps it was a only a matter of time before one of them came to a bad end. The verdict: an accident. But only weeks later, another death is reported, and this time there's no doubt about it - it's murder. To Chief Inspector Barnaby, hurriedly summoned to the scene, it is immediately apparent that the case is far from straightforward, the suspects being among the most bizarre he has ever encountered...
Written in Blood (London, Headline, 1994)
Headline 0747-24664-5, 1995, 467pp.
---- [5th imp.] n.d., 467pp, £5.99. Cover photo by  Tom Boulting
Headline 0755-34218-6, 2007, 445pp.
Headline 978-1472-24642-4, 2016, 445p, £8.99. Cover design by Edward Bettison
The members of Midsomer Worthy's Writers' Circle realize that their invitation to bestselling author Max Jennings is ambitious. But Jennings accepts, and before the night is over, the Circle's secretary is dead. So why was Jennings willing to speak to a group of amateur writers and where is he now?
Faithful Unto Death (London, Headline, 1996)
Headline 0747-24970-9, 1997, 436pp, £5.99. Cover photo by Chris Ridley
---- [4th imp.] n.d.
Headline 0755-34219-4, (Oct) 2007, 452pp, £8.99.
Hearline 978--1472-24369-0, (Oct) 2016, 464pp, £8.99.
When Simone, the pleasant, vague wife of businessman Alan Hollingsworth, vanishes from the village of Fawcett Green, her ever-vigilant neighbours, the Brockleys, suspect the worst. The discovery of a body draws Chief Inspector Barnaby to the village, testing his powers of deduction to the full.
A Place of Safety (Headline, 1999)
Headline 0747-24971-7, 1999, 377pp, £6.99. Cover photo by Joe Squillante/Photonica
---- [8th imp.] n.d.
Headline 0755-34220-8, 2007, 342pp, £8.99.
Headline 978-1472-24370-6, (Oct) 2016, 352pp, £8.99.
When Lionel Lawrence opens his rambling rectory to rehabilitate young offenders he has no idea of the consequences, least of all that they will include blackmail and murder. Chief Inspector Barnaby has a good idea of the identity of the violent individual responsible, now all he needs is evidence.
A Ghost in the Machine (Headline, 2004)
Headline 0755-30772-0, 2005, 504pp.
Headline 0755-34221-6, 2007, 545pp.
Headline 978-1472-24371-3, (Oct) 2016, 560pp.
All men should have a hobby: it keeps them out from under their wives' feet. Dennis Brinkley's hobby, though, was killing machines. No wonder the village was uneasy...Mallory Lawson believes that inheriting his aunt's beautiful house in Forbes Abbot may have saved his sanity. It enables him to take early retirement from his appalling teaching job in London, and his wife Kate to realise her dream of starting her own company. Life will be so much simpler in the country, won't it? But Forbes Abbot is not quite the close-knit community it seems, and little differences and squabbles can become violent - even murderous. Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby has encountered many intriguing cases, but the case of the ghost in the machine is one to test even the most experienced of detectives.
Non-series novels

The Envy of the Stranger (London, Century, 1984; revised London, Headline 1994)
Headline 0747-20990-1, 1994, 277pp.
Headline 0755-35547-4, (Jul) 2009, 320pp.

Murder at Madingley Grange (London, Mysterious Press, 1990)
Headline 0747-23596-1, 1991, 290pp.
Headline 0755-35546-6, (Jul) 2009, 352pp.

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