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Friday, February 17, 2017

Comic Cuts - 17 February 2017

On Monday I found myself in the following situation at the dentist: a tooth that had previously been filled was showing some signs of decay under the filling. It might not be decay, it might just be a shadow caused by the x-ray.

I was given  a number of options: I could leave it alone and monitor the tooth to see if it developed into a problem. I could have the filling removed to see if there is definitely decay; the risk here is that a tooth that is currently causing me no problem at all may be revealed to have decay, which it may or may not be possible to fix; if the decay proves to be below the gum line, the tooth would almost certainly have to be removed. (Long-time readers will know this happened to me before with another tooth which was supposed to be crowned but which ended up being removed.)

Now, because I'm not a trained dentist, I don't know which is the best option. So I asked the one person in the room with the years of training and experience in this precise area, the one person who knows my teeth better than I do, for their advice, only to be told that she wasn't allowed to offer me advice, only advise me of the options.

I made a choice, but because the person with the right knowledge in the room wasn't allowed to give me a straight answer, I haven't a clue if it was the best option. Frankly, I've never understood the obsession with choice over expert advice.

For the rest of the week I've been working on the Valiant index, mostly on the annuals, typing up lists of contents—and, yes, it really is as dull as it sounds, especially trying to i.d. the original sources for strips like 'The Nutts' and 'The Crows'. These things have to be done if I'm to make this book as complete as possible.

At the time of writing I've clocked up 8,200 words of lists and maybe a few hundred more for the introduction last weekend. Not a bad week and definitely a step in the right direction.

Our random scans this week are more random than usual. Here are a few odds and ends I've picked up over the past few weeks:

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