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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Rebellion Releases (2000AD)

Rebellion releases for November 2 and 3.

2000AD Prog 2005
In this issue: Judge Dredd: Act of Grud by Rob Williams (w), Henry Flint (a), Annie Parkhouse (l); Savage: The Marze Murderer by Pat Mills (w), Patrick Goddard (a), Annie Parkhouse (l); Hunted by Gordon Rennie (w), PJ Holden (a), Len O'Grady (c), Simon Bowland (l); Counterfeit Girl by Peter Milligan (w), Rufus Dayglo (a), Dom Regan (c), Ellie De Ville (l); Flesh: Gorehead by Pat Mills (w), Clint Langley (a), Ellie De Ville (l).

Dan Dare: The 2000AD Years Vol.2 by Chris Lowder, Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons. Rebellion ISBN 978-1781-08460-1, 3 November 2016, £30. Available from Amazon.

Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future is a British icon. He was created by Frank Hampson in 1950, and first appeared in the Eagle comic where he was an instant hit with the British public. Almost a decade after the original series had ended, Dan Dare was resurrected in the pages of a brand new sci-fi comic for boys – 2000 AD! In this volume: Dan Dare and the crew of the Eagle One continue their journey through deep, uncharted space, where they encounter a host of evil alien tyrants, including dare’s arch-nemesis the Mekon! This volume of Dan Dare concludes the iconic British hero’s adventures within the pages of 2000 AD.

The 2000AD Script Book
Rebellion ISBN 978-1781097468-7, 3 November 2016, £19.99. Available from Amazon.

Original scripts by leading comics writers accompanied by the final art, taken from the pages of the world famous 2000 AD comic. FROM THE MINDS OF THE MEGA-MASTERS For the first time Rebellion presents an astonishing and insightful collection of 2000 AD scripts, written by some of the most successful and critically lauded talent behind the Galaxy s Greatest Comic . Featuring original script drafts and the final published artwork for comparison, this is a must have for fans of 2000 AD and is an essential purchase for anyone interested in writing comics.

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