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Friday, November 04, 2016

Comic Cuts - 4 November 2016

We're starting today with a bit of admin. I know how boring that can be but please don't skip it.

After 21 years with Demon Internet, my old e-mail address is being switched off. We received notice a couple of weeks ago that the owners of Demon (Vodaphone) were getting out of the e-mail business. Probably because many people have e-mails bundled up with other services (e.g. Sky, Virgin) or have free address (gmail, hotmail). Mel and I have stuck with Demon through thick and thin and we're probably their last customers... Vodaphone probably thought it not worth their while keeping the whole system going for just the two of us.

So I've registered bear alley as a domain name with a at the end. You can see the new address under the picture of myself at top left. That address is now active. I will try to warn people of the change, but I have less than two weeks left before "uworldst" disappears forever. By warning you here, it will hopefully mean that if your mail gets bounced, you'll recall this ramble and know where to come to get the new address.

It's amazing how many different places you register your e-mail address—I've had to change obvious ones like PayPal, Ebay and Amazon, but you have to remember everywhere else... like I pay my gas/electric by direct debit and have an online account with our supplier, so I've had to change my address with them. The trickiest ones so far, oddly, have been Yahoo Groups, which took a little figuring out that I needed to change addresses for each group (and someone erroneously thought a COA would require me to reapply for membership, so I had to go through that process, too); and Blogger Comments... at the moment I can't reply to any comments on my own blog! Hopefully I've got it sorted now (UPDATE: Yes I have, but it took some doing!), but if you ask a question and don't get an answer, blame Blogger.

End of admin.

The latest issue of Hot BusHotel Business as it's more formally known – went off to the printers on Tuesday. We scraped in just under the wire after a few last minute problems, all of them idiot advertisers unable to deliver even the briefest amount of copy. One guy even had to cancel a piece of free advertorial because his boss was too busy to sign off on it. So I wrote something to fill the space and we had the pages designed. Then the guy comes back to us: his boss has okayed the piece after all and can it go in? So we have to get the page re-designed...

It might sound counterintuitive, but I was able to get a ton of work done on the run up to green lighting the pages – most of the work is done bar one or two latecomers, and I'm either waiting on pages from our designers or corrections from our advertisers. As long as I keep an eye on my work e-mail, that leaves me free to do other things. So I managed to spend a day updating the Valiant index and another day gathering information for an article. I've subsequently taken Wednesday and Thursday off so I can get the article wrangled into shape – it's a long one that I'll have to publish in three parts. I'm taking a break from part two to write this and if you want to know where I am, I'm after the suicide but before the court case. To find out what the hell I'm talking about, you'll just have to come back in a week or so.

I managed to hammer out another piece last weekend, which I'll run this weekend, which investigates a bunch of people called Don Campbell.

And so to our random scans, which are on the subject of waiting and painted by Stan Nicholson (?), John Richards, Dave Dimmock (?) and Chris Foss.

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