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Friday, November 11, 2016

Comic Cuts - 11 November 2016

Like Boris Johnson, I've written two versions of this blog. One is a deeply heartfelt and anguished essay on why we now live in a post-truth world run by post-factual politicians and how disconnected I feel from a majority of people. The other is a short, rather more lighthearted piece hinting at post-truth by using a handful of images with "Post" as their theme.

I'll let you guess which one I'm publishing.

It has been a sad week for fans of the old Eagle comic. I mentioned the passing of Howard Corn, a central figure in the Eagle Society and editor of the Eagle Times magazine for twenty-nine years. And artist Martin Aitchison died on October 22nd, aged 96. I spent Monday morning putting together an obituary, which The Guardian have taken. I'm not sure when they're using it, but I'll put up a link to it as soon as it appears. Update: published in today's edition, online here.

I've had to spend some time on Hotel Business but the cold weather and a general low level of enthusiasm have meant a lot of doodling around on the computer and not really doing anything. The piece on Mrs. Frances Campbell I finished on Sunday, so that will start tomorrow and run over the next few days. It was meant to be three parts but expanded to five! The final part covers her daughter, Phyllis, who was also an author. I was having so much frustration trying to keep track of everyone that I even put together a little family tree.

This is where I call time. I only had enough for three 'post'-themed covers, so I hope you'll forgive me in what has been a trying week.

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