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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Peter Grehan

Peter Grehan has scripted a number of issues of Commando during the 21st century. His LinkedIn profile reveals that he has written widely for film, audio, magazines and technical publications. He began his career as a technical assistant at BP Chemicals in 1974 before joining HTV in Cardiff as an assistant in 1983. He switched to engineering, working in various roles writing procedures and assembly instructions for Mitel Telecom, Electrocoin Automatics, G. E. Aircraft Engines and Quantum Electronics Manufacturing between 1987 and 2000.

In March 2001 he became a technical editor for JPM International, Cardiff. He had previously published small press and in-house magazines and freelanced as a writer since 1999, his work appearing in Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine and elsewhere. In 1999, he penned the audio CD drama Silent Warrior (1999) featuring the Sontarans for BBV; this was followed in the early 2000s with a number of audio internet productions for BTR Productions, an Australian SF group best-known made a number of Doctor Who audio dramas, including Grehan's 3-episode Smokescreen (2002). Most of his contributions were one-off dramas (Time to Go Home (2002), God Rust Ye Merry Gentlemen (2002), Countdown (2003), Crisp and Even).

He had a number of jobs throughout this period, including work as a part-time lecturer at the University of Glamorgan and as a technical author for Contour Premium Aircraft Seating. Since 2008, he has been a visitor services assistant at the Wales Millennium Centre, and he spent a year as a host at the Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff.

His recent writing has included the short film Torn Veil (2009) and the radio play The Quarry (2013). His Natural Born Cyborgs was a finalist in the Sherman Cymru Script Slam Competition in 2009. He has a number of projects in progress, including film scripts and a non-fiction book about science fiction.


Pete's Private War, illus. Carlos Pino (Commando 3466, Sep 2001)
The Sands of War, illus. Correa (Commando 3591, Jan 2003)
Down But Not Out!, illus. Vila (Commando 3743, Aug 2004)
Operation "Snowstorm", illus. Vila (Commando 3776, Dec 2004)
Tradition of Honour, illus. Carlos Pino (Commando 4250, Nov 2009)
Friends or Foes?, illus. John Ridgway (Commando 4258, Dec 2009)
The Panther's Claw, illus. Mario Morhain (Commando 4428, Sep 2011)
The Voyage of HMS Onion Wagon, illus. Vila (Commando 4508, Jun 2012)
The Fighting Gendarme, illus. Olivera (Commando 4535, Sep 2012)
Ground Attack!, illus. Carlos Pino (Commando 4699, Apr 2014)

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