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Oliver Brabbins Checklist

The following checklist encompasses Oliver Brabbins' output of book covers only.

Hamilton & Co.
Valley of Death by W. Richard Hutton (Dec 1946)
Futuristic Stories No.2 (Dec 1946)
Strange Adventures No.2 (Jan 1947)
The Prairie Trail by Joel Johnson (Feb 1947)
Reckless Journey by John Eagle (1947)
Blazing Guns by N. Wesley Firth (1947)
Open Holsters by N. Wesley Firth (1947)
? Orchid Lady by Sheila A. Firth (1948?)
Broadway Racket by W. R. Hutton (1948?)
Wayward Wife by Ann Lemorris (1948?)
Skeleton Canyon by Lance Netton (1948)
Redheads Are Poison by Bevis Winter (1948)
Gun Treachery by Bruff Curfew (Mar 1948)
Thundering Hooves by Frank Griffin (Jul 1948)
Arizona Rangers by Denis Hughes (Jul 1948)
Rusters of the Rockies by David C. Steele (Jul 1948)
Enchanted Love by June Bryony (Sep 1948)
Smoking Guns by Bert Forde (Dec 1948)
Dangerous Bachelor by Jean Wattson (Jan 1949)
Romantic Ecstasy by D. T. Dennis (Jan 1949)
Love's Dilemma by June Bryony (1949?)
Love's Desire by Carrie Lancaster (1949?)
Romance in Algiers by Netta Grey (1949?)
Operator from Chicago by Duff Johnson (Jan 1950) as 'G'
East-Side Assignment by Ross Kirby (Jan 1950) as 'G'
No Dice Sister by Bart Carson (1950?) as 'G'
Ransom for Miss Le Grun by Bruno Schwarz (1950) as 'G'

Grant Hughes
Guns and Saddles by Earl Ellison (Feb 1948)
Rough Riders by W. R. Hutton (1948)
The Fighting Sheriff by Morton T. Cayne (May 1948)
Black Stage Canyon by Denis Hughes (May 1948)
Riders of Ghost Valley by Joel Johnson (May 1948)
Dead Man's Creek by Rex Noland (Jun 1948)
He Was My Master by William Newton (Dec 1948)
Brand of the Outlaw by Jackson Evans (Jan 1949)

Maurice Hall
Fifth Avenue Number (1948?)

Bear Hudson
Thrilling Romances No.4 (Jul 1948)
Rip-Roaring Western (Aug 1948)

Paget Publications
Frame Up by Johnny Mack (1948)
Showdown by Johnny Mack (1948)
Paget's 1/- Westerns 1-4 (1948-49)
Of Sterner Stuff by Gaston Clair (Sep 1948)
Fall Guy by Johnny Mack (Sep 1948)
Shakedown by Johnny Mack (Sep 1948)
Come Live with Me by Sylvia Silk (Sep 1948)
Apache Arroyo by Buck Connor (Nov 1948)
Gunsmoke in Rimrock by Chuck Leroy (Nov 1948)
Pay-Off by Johnny Mack (Dec 1948)
Shamus by Johnny Mack (Dec 1948)
Harem Girl by Pat Reagan (Dec 1948)
Two Loves for Tricia by Sylvia Silk (Dec 1948)
Written in Sand by Louis Arthur Cunningham (Mar 1949)
Body in the Boathouse by Johnny Mack (Mar 1949)
The Riddle in Wax by Frank Peppe (Mar 1949)
Murder of a Musician by "Capstan" (Aug 1949)
Dancing with Danger by Peter Webb (Sep 1951)

Forsyte Press
Trigger Serenate by Jed Brady (Mar 1949)

Tempest Publishing
I'll Hire the Hearse by Michael Lisle (1949)

Curtis Warren
Girls for Sale by Nick Baroni (1950?)
? High Heels and Scanties by Nick Baroni (1950)
Miss Susan Regrets by Brett Vane (1950)
Shapely Lady by Nick Baroni (1951)

Park Trading Co.
Hollywood Number (1950?)

Arrow Books
200 Green Willow by Ethel Mannin (Jun 1950) 

Waterfront Rat by Danny Spade (Apr 1951) as Gilmore
Easy Come, Easy Go by Al Bocca (May 1951) as Gilmore
Some Stay Dumb by Dint Maddox (May 1951) as Gilmore
Move Fast, Brother! by Danny Spade (May 1951) as Gilmore
Double Snatch by Gray Usher (May 1951) as Gilmore
You Don’t Say! by Hans Lugar (Sep 1951) as Gilmore
The Lady Says When by Dail Ambler (Sep 1952)
Live Till You Die by Ross Angel (Sep 1952)
Nothing to Hide by Nick Perrelli (Sep 1952)
Corpse at College by Max Risco (Nov 1952)

Beacon Publishing
Chicago Strip Tease by Ben Sarto (1951)
A Street Woman by Paul Renin (Nov 1951)

Modern Fiction
Back-Alley Blonde by Griff (Jan 1952)
Too Tough to Live by Griff (Feb 1952)
That Room in Camden Town by Griff (Oct 1952)

Pinnacle Books
1 Claudia by Rose Franken (Apr 1952)
4 Young Claudia by Rose Franken (Apr 1952)
6 From Claudia to David by Rose Franken (Apr 1952)
Spanish Holiday by Phyllis Sutton (1952)

When the Chestnuts Bloom by Marjorie Warby (1952)

Gannet Press
Tough Dames Don't Cry by Bud Cagson (Jun 1953)

Atlantic Books
Battle of Devil Hole by Arthur Groom (Apr 1954)

Robert Hale
The Double Shuffle by James Hadley Chase (Jul 1954)
The Fast Buck by James Hadley Chase (Jul 1954)

Pan Books
340 Love Bade Me Come by John Lodwick (Jun 1955)
341 Death at Half-Term by Josephine Bell (Jun 1955)
355 The Clue of the New Shoe by Arthur Upfield (Sep 1955)
362 Hatred, Ridicule or Contempt by Joseph Dean (Nov 1955)
365 Surface! by Alexander Fullerton (Jun 1956)

Graphic Books (US)
131 This Kill Is Mine by Dean Evans (1956)
135 Murder—Very Dry by Samm Sinclair Baker (1956)
136 Killer's Choice by Stuart Brock (1956)
138 The Corpse Next Door by John Farris (1956)
142 Fair Prey by Will Duke (1956)

Panther Books
719 Warrant for a Wanton by Michael Gillian (Sep 1957)

Four Square Books
3 Lawrence of Arabia by Richard Aldington (Oct 1957)
4 And Quiet Flows the Don by Mikhail Sholokhov (Oct 1957)
12 The Foxes of Harrow by Frank Yerby (Jan 1958)
13 A Woman Called Fancy by Frank Yerby (Feb 1958)

Corgi Books
S455 Little Caesar by W. R. Burnett (1957)
G456 The Jungle is Neutral by F. Spencer Chapman (1957)
S462 Blind Date by Leigh Howard (1957)
S465 Run to Death by Patrick Quentin (1957)
S473 Prey for Me by Thomas B. Dewey (1957)
S479 Spin the Glass Web by Max Ehrlich (1957)
489 Second Ending by Evan Hunter (1957)
S493 Dagger Before Me by Manning O'Brine (1958)
T505  Night Man by Allan Ullman, from the screenplay by Lucille Fletcher (1958)
S507 The Deadlier Sex by Bill S. Ballinger (1958)
S525 Chain of Death by Sterling Noel (1958)
S535 The Second Book of Crime-Craft by Helen McCloy & Brett Halliday (1958)
S536 High Sierra by W. R. Burnett (1958)
S539 Man Alone by V. G. C. Norwood (1958)
S548 Top of the Heap by Erle Stanley Gardner (1958)
560 A Handful of Murder by Ferguson Findley (1958)
S579 Guerrilla by Ira Wolfert (1958)
S619 The Dark Window by Thomas B. Walsh (1958)
S626 The Fight by Vernon Scannell (1958)
S654 Tomorrow's Another Day by W. R. Burnett (1959)
S670 Lead With Your Left by Ed Lacy (1959)
S704 Kiss Her Goodbye by Wade Miller (1959)
SC728 The Wife of the Red-Haired Man by Bill S. Ballinger (1959)
SC743 A Shadow in the Wild by Whit Masterson (1959)
SC799 The Kind of Guy I Am by Robert McAllister & Floyd Miller (1960)
SC861 Venetian Blind by William Haggard (1960)

Ward Lock Target Books
Dead Orchid by David Lawrence (1958)

Ward Lock (hardback dust jackets)
Raid by J. B. O'Sullivan (1958)
? Widow's Pique by Blair Treynor (1958)
One Night of Murder by Hamish Boyd (1959)
Danger in the Dark by Patricia Carlon (1962)

309 Two For Inspector West by John Creasey (1959?)
??? The Toff and the Deep Blue Sea by John Creasey
436 The Tyler Mystery by Francis Durbridge (1960)
??? The Scarf by Francis Durbridge (1960)

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