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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A E Van Vogt Cover Gallery part 2


Out of the Unknown, with E. Mayne Hull.
New English Library 2793 (0450-00615-8), Oct 1970, 126pp, 5/-. Cover by Richard Cliften-Day?

Masters of Time.
(no UK paperback)

Away and Beyond.
Panther Books 1569, Sep 1963, 219pp, 3/6. Cover by Charles Binger
Panther Books 0586-02437-9, Apr 1968, 218pp, 5/-.
Panther Books 0586-02437-9, 1970, 218pp, 5/-.
Panther Books 0586-02437-9-2, 1973, 218pp, 35p. Cover by Chris Foss
----, 1973
abridged, Panther/Granada 0586-02437-9, Oct 1978.

Destination: Universe!.
Panther Books 1063, Jun 1960, 158pp, 2/6. Cover by Richard Powers (rpt Crest)
---- [2nd imp.] Oct 1963, 144pp, 2/6.
Panther Books 2484 [3rd imp.] 1968, 172pp, 5/-.
Panther Books 0586-02484-0-2 [4th imp], Apr 1972, 172pp, 30p.
----, 1973, 30p.
----, Nov 1978, 75p. Cover by Tony Roberts
---- 1980, 95p.
----, 1980, £1.50.

The Twisted Men.
(no UK paperback)

Monsters, ed. Forest J. Ackerman.
Corgi Books 0552-08570-7, Nov 1970, 190pp, 25p. Cover photo.
Corgi Books 0552-10605-4, Nov 1977, 190pp, 80p.

The Far-Out Worlds of A.E. Van Vogt.
New English Library 0450-01735-4, Feb 1974, 222pp, 40p. Cover by Ray Feibush
New English Library 0450-02747-3 [2nd imp.], May 1975, 222pp, 50p. Cover by Ray Feibush

The Proxy Intelligence, and other mind benders.
(no UK paperback)

M-33 in Andromeda.
(no UK paperback)

More Than Superhuman.
New English Library 0450-02571-3, Sep 1975, 220pp, 50p. Cover by David Hardy
----, Dec 1976, 220pp, 50p.
New English Library0450-04561-7, Apr 1980, 220pp, £1.00. Cover by Gerald Grace

The Book of Van Vogt.
as Lost: Fifty Suns, New English Library 0450-04949-3, Dec 1980, 189pp, £1.25. Cover by Gerry Grace

The Best of A.E. Van Vogt, edited by Angus Wells.
London, Sphere 0722-18774-2, May 1974, 437pp, 60p. Cover by Tony Roberts

The Best of A.E. Van Vogt 1940-1948.
Sphere 0722-18726- 2, Mar 1979, 219pp, £1.10. Cover by Peter Elson

The Best of A.E. Van Vogt 1949-1968.
Sphere 0722-18726-2, Mar 1979, 235pp, £1.10. Cover by Peter Elson

The Gryb.
New English Library 0450-04580-3, Apr 1980, 172pp, 90p. Cover by Paul Monteagle

The Best of A.E. Van Vogt.
(no UK paperback)

New English Library 0450-05477-2, Jul 1982, 223pp, £1.25. Cover by Peter Elson

The Enchanted Village.
(no UK paperback)

Ghor, Kin-Slayer: The Saga of Gensenc’s Fifth-Born Son, with others, edited by Jonathan Bacon.
(no UK paperback)

Futures Past.
(no UK paperback)

Transfinite: The Essential A. E. Van Vogt, ed. Joe Rico & Rick Katze.
(no UK paperback)

Transgalactic, ed. Eric Flint & David Drake.
(no UK paperback)


Triad: Three Complete Science Fiction Novels
(no UK paperback)

L’Assaut de l’Invisible, translated by Alain Doremieux.
as Earth’s Last Fortress and The Three Eyes of Evil, Sphere 0722-18732-7, Nov 1977, 173pp, 85p. Cover by Chris Foss

A Van Vogt Omnibus
(no UK paperback)

Van Vogt Omnibus
(no UK paperback)

The Universe Maker; and, The Proxy Intelligence.
as The Universe Maker, Sphere 0772-18733-5, Aug 1977, 189pp, 75p. Cover by Peter Elson
Sphere 0722-18815-3, 1981, 189pp, £1.25.
----, 1984, £1.25.

Empire of the Atom and The Wizard of Linn.
New English Library 0450-05340-7, Oct 1981, 155+174pp, £1.25. Cover by Joe Petagno

The Weapon Shops of Isher and The Weapon Makers.
New English Library 0450-42270-4, Apr 1988, 265pp, £2.50.

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