Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wizard Authors

Inspired by the news that Derek Marsden and Ray Moore have a book about The Wizard coming out. I suddenly remembered I'd compiled this list a while back and had never published it.

Information about the authors who wrote anonymously for D. C. Thomson's boys' papers is scant. It was an area that greatly interested Bill Lofts and Derek Adley when they came to compile The Men Behind Boys Fiction and they did a certain amount of research where they could. Unfortunately, even where they were able to discover names, the finished book for the most part did not give any details of what the authors had written, simply noting that they had anonymously contributed to the various magazines.

Fifty years further down the line, finding information is now even more difficult as many of the authors have passed on.  This must, therefore, be considered a very partial listing.

W. T. Bagnall
Leslie Bell
Jeffrey M. Boatfield
E. Newton Bungey
R. Campbell  (Australia)
Ron A. Carpenter
J. O. Cornes
Primrose A. Cumming
Gilbert L. Dalton
Cecil H. Dent
E. G. Emden
Kelman D. Frost
J. M. Gray
Alan C. Hemus
M. C. A. Henniker [Mark Chandos Auberon Henniker, 1906-1991]
A. Holmes
A. R. Huggett
D. T. Hughes
Albert R. Linden
? W. McElwaine [or. H. McElwaine]
Wilfred McNeilly
A. M. Murray
J. B. Pow
J. T. Robertson
Ronald Seth
Reginald G. Thomas
John C. Watson
Dr J. S. Whiteley
H. W. Wogan [poss. Henry William Wogan, 1905-1988]

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