Thursday, November 13, 2014


Here's another mystery name from the pages of Commando. Orme was the author of half a dozen stories in 1968-70.

Night of Fury (#361, Oct 1968)
Mountain of Death (#372, Dec 1968)
Trouble Hunter (#378, Jan 1969)
River of No Return (#403, May 1969)
On... to Glory (#416, Jul 1969)
Night Mission (#455, Feb 1970)

I'm at a loss to even begin finding the author here. There were a number of writers by the name of Orme who wrote around this period: a romance writers Eve Orme and Alexandra Orme from the 1950s, a poet named Simon Orme, an author who wrote books about geography named Antony R. Orme and historian Nicholas Orme.

The obvious choice was David Orme, who has written 300 or so books over the years ranging from poetry to fiction to textbooks to graphic novels. It was the comic strip angle that really sparked my interest. However, an e-mail to David resulted in a swift response. It's not him. (My thanks to David for the very quick reply.)

Perhaps I should be casting my net wider to include Stanley Orme, MP, or Hester Garnett-Orme, who compiled Border Tales for the Skipton-based Southern Border Terrier Club in 1967.

At this point even I know I need to give up and hand over what information I have to the world wide web to see if anyone out there knows anything.

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