Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A. R. Linden

Linden was a prolific and regular author for D. C. Thomson's boys' papers, contributing anonymously to at least The Hotspur and The Wizard. He was one of the first authors of the famous Red Circle School stories, his first contribution appearing in issue 3 (15 September 1933), following on from the debut tales by R. G. Thomas.

Almost nothing is known about Linden or his work; the only confirmed later stories are two serials from The Wizard: "The Man's a Marvel" (1955), about a bodyguard named Jenkin, and—probably his last Thomson serial—"Chopper Barton" (1957), about a fairground boxer. The latter was reprinted in 1963 towards the end of The Wizard's run as a story paper.

Born in around 1906, Albert Ronald Linden lived at 24 North End Avenue, North End, Portsmouth, where he died on 30 June 1957, aged 50. He left effects of £1,700 to his widow, Kathleen Alice Eleanor Linden. Kathleen survived him by many years; born 24 February 1910, she died in 1999, aged 89.

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