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Alan Lomas

We have occasionally taken a look at artists who have worked for Commando about whom little is known, but today we have an author. Alan Lomas penned 32 issues in the four years between October 1973 and August 1977, with 1975 his busiest year with 10 issues appearing. The following pages are from Two Minutes to Zero from that year, but reissued in 1989 and very recently reprinted again. The artwork is by the fantastic Pat Wright, son of David (Carol Day) Wright, who drew Modesty Blaise for a time in 1979-80 but later switched to drawing cartoons and taking on advertising work.

As for Alan Lomas, he remains untraced. Did he write any other comic strips? Thirty-two issues is pretty persistent and it makes me wonder if he was just starting out as a freelancer and found better-paying work in 1977. Alternatively, he might have retired in the early 1970s and found himself with time on his hands which he put to good use writing for Commando. If anyone knows, perhaps they'll get in touch.

Escape from Tobruk, illus. C. T. Rigby (Commando 786, Oct 1973)
Betrayed, illus. Franch (Commando 800, Dec 1973)
Revenge of the Phantom, illus. John Ridgway (Commando 818, Feb 1974)
Act of the Monster, illus. Franch (Commando 822, Mar 1974)
Massacre at Mendhi Pass, illus. Cam Kennedy (Commando 860, Aug 1974)
Hair Trigger, illus. Gordon Livingstone (Commando 866, Sep 1974)
No-Man's Land, illus. John Ridgway (Commando 896, Dec 1974)
Forward the Raiders!, illus. Victor Hugo Arias (Commando 908, Feb 1975)
Hunt the Hunters, illus. Gordon Livingstone (Commando 917, Mar 1975)
Matilda on the March, illus. John Ridgway (Commando 933, May 1975)
Two Minutes to Zero, illus. Pat Wright (Commando 937, May 1975)
Secret of the Sands, illus. Colin Watson (Commando 945, Jun 1975)
Demons of Darkness, illus. Pat Wright (Commando 964, Sep 1975)
Jungle Expert, illus. C. T. Rigby (Commando 966, Sep 1975)
Jungle Madness, illus. Ferreria (Commando 973, Oct 1975)
Battle for the Bridge, illus. Gordon Livingstone (Commando 988, Dec 1975)
The Prisoners in the Castle, illus. Boluda (Commando 993, Dec 1975)
Learn Fast – or Die!, illus. Arthur Fleming (Commando 1008, Feb 1976)
Suicide Squad, illus. Maidagan (Commando 1017, Mar 1976)
Danger Ahead, illus. Francisco Cueto (Commando 1018, Mar 1976)
Raiding Party, illus. Gordon Livingstone (Commando 1022, Apr 1976)
Misfire!, illus. Pat Wright (Commando 1044, Jul 1976)
Wagons... Ho!, illus. Ibanez (Commando 1050, Jul 1976)
Assignment with Death, illus. Olivera (Commando 1074, Oct 1976)
In the Heat of the Action, illus. Ferreira (Commando 1078, Nov 1976)
Ghost Tiger, illus. Boluda (Commando 1084, Dec 1976)
Prisoners of War, illus, Juan Dalfiume (Commando 1093, Jan 1977)
Whispering Death, illus. Galindo (Commando 1094, Jan 1977)
The Cairo Secret, illus. Gordon Livingstone (Commando 1130, Jun 1977)
Open Fire!, illus, John Ridgway (Commando 1134, Jun 1977)
Shock Action, illus. Gordon Livingstone (Commando 1140, Jul 1977)
Beyond Courage, illus. Leopoldo Ortiz (Commando 1148, Aug 1977)

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