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Jack Campbell - The Lost Fleet cover gallery

Jack Campbell is the pen-name of John G. Henry, a former US Navy officer who turned to writing in the 1990s, publishing his first SF short story in Analog in September 1997. He quickly turned to writing novels, publishing his first (Stark's War) in 2000 and averaging just over a book a year ever since—19 books up to May 2014. The books form three main series, all of which fall into the military SF category, beginning with the Stark's War and JAG in Space series. The Lost Fleet first appeared in 2006 and subsequently spun off into into two another series: The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier and The Lost Stars.

Jack Cambell has an official website. There's always Wikipedia if you want to know more about John G Hemry and The Lost Fleet series.

Ace Books (US) 0441-01418-6, Jul 2006, 293pp, $6.99. Cover by Pat Turner
Titan Books 978-0857-68130-0, Jan 2011, £7.99.

Ace Books (US) 978-0441-01476-7, Feb 2007, 295pp, $6.99. Cover by Pat Turner
Titan Books 978-0857-68131-7, Jan 2011, £7.99.

Ace Books (US) 978-0441-01567-2, Jan 2008, 299pp, $7.99. Cover by Peter Bollinger
Titan Books 978-0857-68132-4, Jan 2011, £7.99.

Ace Books (US) 978-0441-01619-8, Jul 2008, 284pp, $7.99. Cover by Peter Bollinger
Titan Books 978-0857-68133-1, Feb 2011, £7.99.

Ace Books (US) 978-0441-01708-9, May 2009, 320pp, $7.99. Cover by Peter Bollinger
Titan Books 978-0857-68134-8, Mar 2011, £7.99.

Ace Books (US) 978-0441-01869-7, Apr 2010, $7.99. Cover by Peter Bollinger
Titan Books 978-0857-68135-5, Apr 2011, 393+[20]pp, £7.99.

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