Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cordwainer Smith Cover Gallery

Cordwainer Smith was the pen-name of American scholar and psychological warfare expert Paul Linebarger. You can discover more about Smith's fascinating life via his entry on Wikipedia and via the official website run by his daughter. The Science Fiction Encyclopedia has an extensive and erudite entry written by John Clute.

You Will Never Be the Same (Chicago, Illinois, Regency Books, 1963)
(no UK paperback, above is the Berkley edition)

The Planet Buyer (New York, Pyramid Books, 1964)
Sphere 0722-17942-1, 1975, 156pp, 40p.

Space Lords (New York, Pyramid Books, 1965)
Sphere 0722-17938-3, 1970, 160pp.
Sphere 0722-17939-1, Mar 1972, 159pp, 30p.

Quest of the Three Worlds (New York, Ace Books, 1966)
VGSF 0575-04125-0, 1987, [192pp].

The Underpeople (New York, Pyramid Books, 1968)
Sphere 0772-17941-3, 1975, 143pp, 40p.

Under Old Earth and Other Explorations, ed. Anthony Cheetham (London, Panther, 1970)
Panther 0586-03302-5, 1970, 187pp.

Stardreamer (New York, Beagle Books, 1971)
(no UK paperback, above is the Beagle edition, cover by Jonah Kinigstein)

The Best of Cordwainer Smith, ed. J. J. Pierce (Garden City, New York, Nelson Doubleday, 1975; as The Rediscovery of Man, London, Victor Gollancz, 1988)
VGSF (25) 0575-04165-X, 1988, [400pp].
Millennium 1857-98819-1, 1999, 377pp. Cover by Chris Moore
Gollancz 978-0575-09424-6, 2010, viii+381pp. Cover by Chris Moore

Norstrilia (New York, Ballantine Books, 1975; with five additional stories as We, the Underpeople, New York, Baen Books, 2006)
VGSF 0575-04166-8, 1988, 277pp.
VGSF 0575-07018-8, 2000, 288pp.

The Instrumentality of Mankind (New York, Ballantine Books/Del Rey, 1979)
VGSF (28) 0575-04167-6, 1988, 238pp, £3.50. Cover by John Avon

The Rediscovery of Mankind (Framingham, Massachusetts: The NESFA Press, 1993; abridged as When the People Fell, New York, Baen Books, 2007)
(no UK paperback)

Scanners and Others: Three Science Fiction Stories (Rockville, Maryland, Wildside Press, 2010)
(no UK paperback)

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