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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"School Friend" Pets Annual 1959 part 1

Originally published as Schoolgirls' Own Pets Annual 1958, the title was changed with the second edition because "so many of you wrote asking for stories about popular 'School Friend' characters"—or so said the opening editorial. "I hope you will agree that the change is a good one," continued The Editor. "It is always very pleasant to pick up a book and read new stories about characters you regard as friends—and to pet lovers like yourselves it is doubly pleasing when these stories contain a pet or animal interest, as they do in this Annual."

So, for animal lovers everywhere, here's a selection of material from School Friend Pets Annual 1959, beginning with 'Rozana's Conjuring Elephant', a tale of tapestries and pachyderms, because, back then, girls were allowed to keep baby elephants at the school stables.

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