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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Caroline Baker, Barrister at Law part 1

"Caroline Baker, Barrister at Law" is an almost-forgotten romance/adventure strip that appeared in the Daily Express in 1962, drawn by Jose Ortiz, who was one of the finest Spanish artists to work for British comics.
As the strip originally appeared in the Daily Express I tried asking them about it some years ago, but they appeared to have no record of it whatsoever. It was said to have been written by a "famous barrister" but the real author was Willie Patterson, a favourite scriptwriter of mine who also wrote Jeff Hawke for the Express. Ortiz is said to have come over to the UK especially to draw sketches at a magistrates' court.

This particular adventure was reprinted in the Action Book for Girls (1967) and I'll run the whole thing over the next few days.

(* © Express Newspapers Ltd.)

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