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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ian Gibson: Bionic Woman part 5

After a break for Christmas and New Year, here are a few highlights of the second Bionic Woman Annual, published in 1978. The artwork throughout was by the fantastic Ian Gibson who had drawn the superb  strips and story illustrations in the previous annual. This volume contained less full colour material, but it's still well worth another airing.

We'll have more over the next few days.

(* Bionic Woman © Universal City Studios Inc.)


Shaqui said...

I think it was obvious that the budget for the second annual was reduced as there was less colour but I still love Ian Gibson's art for this, as per the first edition.

John Pitt said...

Steve , I was wondering if you have the 1976 & 1979 Daleks annuals? I'd LOVE to see the strips from those!