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Friday, January 24, 2014

Comic Cuts - 24 January 2014

I've now received the proof copy of The Man Who Searched For Fear and, with some minor tweaks, it should be out on schedule next week . . . so copies should start arriving with people about a week later. During the week I've published a handful of adverts for the book which anyone with a blog or website can repost. You can grab the images – right click on the one you want and "Save Image As" to your computer – and post to forums, chat groups, Twitter, Facebook . . . wherever you think people who might be interested can see it.

I've had a bit of an up and down week. I did my tax returns and it hammered home how little I'm earning these days. Bear Alley barely earns anything and I need to at least treble the turnover of Bear Alley Books before it generates enough to make a living from. I also received my annual PLR statement, which informed me I'd earned the grand sum of £20.52 and my total income from Kindle for 2013 amounted to £22.90.

Despite headlines in the Daily Express, I'm certainly not seeing a booming Britain.

While we're on the subject of newspapers, I wrote a piece on the late Charles Grigg for the Daily Telegraph, which appeared in the paper on Wednesday. The text is available online.

Our random scans this week are again from the collection of Morgan Wallace. A couple of Milestone Books, the fist (Too Late To Shout) with art by Len Gard.

The most interesting of these is Find The Lady by R. C. Finney, an early Scion paperback with a really nice expressionistic cover. The last, Don't Die Too Soon, is from the tail end of the gangster boom, published by Ralph Stokes in around 1953/54. Not sure who the artist is . . . perhaps Kris?

I have an obituary for cartoonist Frank Whitford lined up for tomorrow. Beyond that, I will probably return to the Bionic Woman Annual, as promised last year.

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