Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ranger authors & artists

The following list of creators is derived from the updated index for Ranger The National Boys' Magazine compiled by Steve Holland and David Slinn.The list contains the names of 107 creators who contributed to Ranger and the spin-off Ranger Book.

Allan Aldous
Richard Armstrong (Wikipedia)
P. J. Ashmore
John Barber
J. H. Batchelor
Robert Bateman
Dino Battaglia (Wikipedia)
Jesus Blasco (Wikipedia)
Ralph Bruce
Jeff Burn
Mike Butterworth (Wikipedia)
Ray Calloway
Geoff Campion (Wikipedia)
Franco Caprioli (Wikipedia [Italy])
Arthur Catherall (Wikipedia)
Fernand Cheneval
Sir Winston Churchill (Wikipedia)
Ray Collins (see Eugénio Zapietro)
Bruce Cornwell
Graham Coton
Thurlow Craig
John Creasey (Wikipedia)
Roy Cross (Wikipedia) [Bear Alley feature]
Terence Cuneo (Wikipedia)
Roland Davies
R. B. Davis (Wikipedia)
Neville Dear
Arturo Del Castillo
Bob de Moor
Sergeant-Major Dickson
C. L. Doughty (Wikipedia)
C. E. Drury
Gerry Embleton (Wikipedia)
Ron Embleton (Wikipedia)
Dan Escott
D. C. Eyles
Fédor (see Fernand Vandenwouwer)
Fernán (see José López Fernández)
José López Fernández
Roland Fiddy [The Independent, obituary]
C. S. Forester (Wikipedia)
Robert Forrest
Pat F. Garrett (Wikipedia)
Guy Gibson (Wikipedia)
Amedeo Gigli
Alberto Giolitti (Wikipedia)
Ruggero Giovannini
George Goldsmith-Carter
René Goscinny (Wikipedia)
Angus Hall
Frank Hampson (Wikipedia)
Wilf Hardy (Wikipedia)
Harry Harrison (Wikipedia)
George Heath
Hermann (see Hermann Huppen)
Stanley Houghton
Mike Hubbard
John Hunter
Hermann Huppen (Wikipedia [France])
Peter Jackson
Harold Johns
Capt. W. E. Johns (Wikipedia)
Bill Lacey
Walter Lambert
Don Lawrence (Wikipedia)
Frank Lea
Left Hand
W. R. Leigh
Harry Lindfield
Angus McBride (Wikipedia)
James E. McConnell (Wikipedia)
Luc Maezelle
Francis Marshall
Somerset Maugham (Wikipedia)
Mazel (see Luc Maezelle)
Colin Merrett
Barrie Mitchell
Will Nickless
Patrick Nicolle
Roy Nockolds
Geoffrey Norris
Michael Ogden
Alexander Oliphant
Theo Page
Eric R. Parker
Oliver Passingham
Frank S. Pepper
Edwin Phillips
Ernest Ratcliff
Wallis Rigby
B. H. Robinson
Carlos Roume
C. M. Russell
John Sanders
George Sanger
Henry Seabright
John S. Smith
Step (Pierre Stephany)
Ferdinando Tacconi (Wikipedia [Italy])
Paul Trevillion (Wikipedia)
Albert Uderzo (Wikipedia)
William Vance (William Van Cutsem) (Wikipedia)
Fernand Vandenwouwer
Bert Vandeput
Julian Vervliet
Fred Walker
Brian Watson
J. Millar Watt (Wikipedia)
R. Caton Woodville (Wikipedia)
John Worsley
Eugénio Zapietro

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