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C S Forester

Cecil Scott Forester was born Cecil Lewis Troughton Smith in Cairo. Egypt, on August 27, 1899, the son of George Smith, a British official in the Egyptian Ministry of Education. When still a child he was sent to England to be educated at Alleyn's School and Dulwich College, at neither of which, he says, did he make any particular impression, except as an extremely naughty boy. On leaving Dulwich College he went to Guy's Hospital as a medical student, but soon discovered that his interest in medicine was less than an interest in literature.

At twenty he was writing for periodicals, and he soon abandoned medicine altogether. His first novel, Payment Deferred, was written at the age of twenty-four and later dramatized and filmed with Charles Loughton in the leading role.

In 1932 Forester was offered a Hollywood contract and from then until 1939 he spent thirteen weeks of every year in America, where he worked on films such as Born for Glory (1935) and Eagle Squadron (1942).

Many of his most successful novels were sea stories, such as the famous 'Hornblower' series. In Hornblower, Forest created the most renowned sailor in contemporary fiction. The first three volumes (The Happy Return, A Ship of the Line, Flying Colours) were written as a trilogy, the middle volume of which won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. The next two novels in the series (The Commodore, Lord Hornblower) were little more than thinly disguised propaganda, published at the end of the war and using Napoleon as a surrogate Hitler. Hornblower

In all Forester wrote eleven Hornblower novels and a fragment of a twelfth which was published after his death. The published order does not follow Hornblower's career chronologically, and the correct reading order should be: Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, Hornblower and the Hotspur, Hornblower and the Crisis (the unfinished fragment), Hornblower and the Atropos, The Happy Return (US as Beat to Quarters), A Ship of the Line, Flying Colours, The Commodore, Lord Hornblower, Hornblower in the West Indies and 'The Last Encounter', a short story included in Hornblower and the Crisis. Captain Hornblower, R.N. was filmed in 1951.

On the outbreak of war Forester entered the Ministry of Information and later sailed with the Royal Navy's H.M.S. Penelope to collect material for The Ship, to whose officers and ship's company the book was dedicated. He then made a voyage to the Bering Sea to gather material for a similar book on the United States Navy. It was during this trip that he was stricken with arteriosclerosis, a disease which left him crippled. Forester subsequently moved to California with his family and made only occasional visits to England.

Among his many other successful novels may be mentioned The Gun, set during the Peninsular War, The General, set during the Great War, The Earthly Paradise, The Captain from Connecticut, about an American privateer, and The Sky and the Forest.

Forester was married twice: to Kathleen Belcher in 1926 (divorced 1944), with whom he had two sons; and to Dorothy Ellen Foster in 1947. He died on April 2, 1966.


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Others (Editor)
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